Seagull Excursion Grand SG Review | The Acoustic Guitar Form

Seagull Excursion Natural Grand SG Guitar

Seagull Excursion Grand SG parlor size guitar is great fun to play and produces a surprisingly big sound for a small package. The electronics with built-in tuner make this little performer a stage hit no matter what the venue size. It was not prepared to be so blown away by the Seagull Excursion Natural Grand


Jasmine S35 Review | Redefining the Budget Segment

Jasmine S35 Guitar

Jasmine S35 Guitar: It is one of the extremely affordable acoustic guitars are a category which is not popular. Most of the people have to save up for the better model. These guitars are a necessity and got many talented musicians started on their journey. The epitome of a cheap acoustic guitar and should look


Martin LX1 Little Martin Review (2018) – Buyers’ Guide

Martin LX1 Little Martin Review

Martin LX1 Little Martin Review: Here is the complete review of Martin LX1 Little Martin Guitars. The Martin LX1 Little Martin is one of the smallest guitars, but it provides the big tone. The quality and the versatility of the Martin LX1 Little Martin is very excellent. It is ideal for travel and people can easily practice,


Mitchell MD100 Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar Natural – Review of 2018

Mitchel MD100 Guitar

Mitchel MD100 Guitar: Mitchell Guitars have provided the quality acoustic guitars for players of all the levels. It is one of the full sized dreadnoughts. Mitchel MD100 Guitar has a spruce top and mahogany back and sides which produce the rich low end and also good highs and mids. An overall balanced version and tone across the


Fender FC-100 Review (2018) | Buyers Guide

Fender FC-100 Review

Fender FC-100 Review: The FC-100 is the best one for the beginning classical player, and it is little thin which makes the younger players happy and alos there is no need of stretching our fingers. And also it includes the accessories which help out the learners to begin. The Fender classical series has only one classical


Oscar Schmidt OG2SM Ultimate Guide Review (2018)

Oscar Schmidt OG2SM

Oscar Schmidt OG2SM Ultimate Guide Review (2018) Oscar Schmidt OG2SM: The Oscar Schmidt OG2SM is a featured acoustic guitar manufactured with utmost care. This is not your average acoustic guitar, each one separately hand tested before release to ensure ultimate playability and flawless intonation. They are famous for packing premium woods and immaculate sound quality


Lucero LC100CE Cool Acoustic Guitar Buy Online Review (2018)

Cool Acoustic Guitar

Lucero LC100CE Cool Acoustic Guitar Buy Online Review (2018) Lucero Acoustic Guitar: The Lucero LC100CE has a very good acoustic sound, and electronics that match the price tag. This Cool Acoustic Guitar has some outboard gear which will improve the plugged in sound, but all-in-all a good guitar for the price. The LC100CE is an


Luna Fauna Phoenix Review 2018 | Best Buy Acoustic Guitar

Luna Guitar

Luna Fauna Phoenix Review 2018 – Best Buy Acoustic Guitar Luna Guitar: Luna Guitars is one of the greatest distinguishing instrument which attracts your eyeball with its stunning look. It is very simple, yet a powerful driving force. Luna Guitar is sure to deliver genuine luxury and playability in its range, while keeping excellence and


Fender T-Bucket 400CE Review 2018 | Acoustic Guitar

Fender Guitar

Fender’s T-Bucket 400CE Review 2018 Fender Guitar: The Fender T-Bucket 400CE is in the category range of luxurious entry-level guitar in terms of price. At a bit of serious glance you will understand the reason for the extensive use of flame maple and high-end electronics. This Fender Guitar that keeps it’s ever growing impression with


Takamine GD30CE-NAT Review 2018

Takamine Guitars

Takamine’s GD30CE-NAT Review 2018 Takamine Guitars: Available at an affordable price Takamine’s GD30CE-NAT is an electric/acoustic guitar. Takamine Guitars has a clear positive sound that gets rendered well by the onboard preamp. The GD30CE is a stageworthy acoustic/electric dreadnought guitar that features solid-top construction. It has a soft Venetian-style cutaway and a superior-sounding Takamine electronics