Top 6 Bass Guitars Under $1000 (2018)

Bass Guitars Under $1000: Hello readers. We are back again with the most amazing article that is related to the bass guitars under $1000. If you would like to purchase the bass guitar which lasts for although your life then goes through the below section. Bass guitars are one of the top-rated guitars, and as well as it is bonafide pro instrument which is acquired at a price of $1000.

The most important thing that every customer has to concentrate is that they need to have a clear idea about the best-ranked guitar under some reasonable prices. So we are here to share you some of the important facts about the best-rated guitars under $1000. We need to go deep into the concept to have a clear cut idea. And hence check out the below data for the Bass Guitars Under $1000.

And apart from this, we have presented the additional information about the top 6 Bass Guitars Under $1000. It may be useful for you and go ahead.

Top 6 Bass Guitars Under $1000

Product Title Brand Color
Fender Deluxe Active Jazz Bass Fender 143612300 Deluxe Active Jazz Bass V, Maple Fingerboard, 3-Color Sunburst Fender 3-Color Sunburst
ESP LTD B-206SMNS ESP LTD B-206SMNS Spalted Maple 6 String Bass Guitar, Natural Satin ESP Natural
Epiphone THUNDERBIRD CLASSIC-IV 4 String Electric Bass Guitar Epiphone THUNDERBIRD CLASSIC-IV 4 String Electric Bass Guitar with Gibson TB+ Pickups, Vintage Sunburst Epiphone Vintage Sunburst
Washburn Taurus 5-String Bass Washburn T24NMK Taurus 4-String Electric Bass Guitar with Gig Bag, Natural Matte Finish Washburn Natural
Ibanez SR505BM Ibanez SR505BM Soundgear 5-String Bass, Mahogany Ibanez Brown Mahogany

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#6 Fender Active Jazz Bass

Bass Guitars Under $1000

If you want to know about the top 6 best Bass Guitars Under $1000, then this Fender Active Jazz Bass ranks in the highest position. It is strong, grooving and now the legendary J-Bass came along the way, and it is now available in the refined active 5-string edition as well.

Coming to the design section, it has the classic shape established as a staple hallmark with six-string craftsmanship. And also today it has become more than a signature fender design. The original sunburst design is a double-cutaway with a body signature fender headstock and as well as the Fender pickguard. And as well as the build quality is on the high level, and the instrument feels like concise.


  • It has a stronger specs and the great pick to resonate the active electronics.
  • Combined with the classic combo of maple neck and as well as rosewood fingerboard.
  • Bass has a 34-inch scale length with a 1.875 nut width along with 20 frets.
  • It is a full-on three-band EQ with bass, middle and treble controls.
  • And it allows the significant sonic variety to the tone which is a very passive version of J-bass.
  • There are standard five saddles magnetic double coil bridge.

#5 ESP LTD B-206SMNS Bass

Bass Guitars Under $1000

This ESP LTD B-206SMNS is six string bass which is used for playing the lovable music and as well as it is one of the best Bass Guitars Under $1000. It is packed to the gills with versatility whereas it has the tasty tricks to make your performance which is more interesting and intricate.

This is a glance which is used to make the things possible. And as well as it comes with the raw natural wood finish which is a classy and as well as the LTD headstock. The old wood pattern is a black hardware which forms an image of a well-rounded instrument rooted in the heavy realm.


  • This instrument has the ash body which secures a plenty of resonance and sustains as well.
  • It has a 35-inch scale length with a thin U neck contour as well as the rosewood fingerboard.
  • And it has a rich set of tonal controls which includes three bands EQ with bass, middle and as well treble knobs.
  • Balancing knob determines the pickup which gains more prominence resulting in the variety of tonal options as well.
  • And also it includes the LTD DB-606 six-saddle bridge with a set of six die-cast LTD black tuners.
  • It has a special marker on the 12th fret with elegant black hardware.

#4 Epiphone Thunderbird Classic Bass

Bass Guitars Under $1000

Epiphone Thunderbird Classic Bass is a staple product which has the most iconic guitar manufacturers all around the world. The first thing which grabs everyone attention is the legendary looks. And the shape of the body is crafted way back in the 60s, and it remains untouched. This staple rock design is associated with some of the genres and is available in the sunburst and as well as it is plain with the white color finish.

And the bass is also made unique with the chunky headstock and a white pickguard. Coming to the build quality goes then, we need to have a look at Gibson and its high standards. Coming to the fret job is very solid, and it is detected with very little fret noise.


  • It has a top-notch mahogany body with a strong, resonant and as well as the powerful wood.
  • There is a rock solid seven-piece mahogany and the walnut construction throughout the body construction.
  • A classic fingerboard with 20 frets and white dot inlays.
  • The two Gibson TB Plus humbuckers is a much gain driven which always secure roaring and purring in the sonic output.
  • Coming to the knobs, there are three knobs. Two of them to determine the presence of each pickup and the other one is for controlling the overall tonal output.
  • It includes the distinctive white pickguard which is a set of die-cast tuners lined on the upper side of the headstock.

#3 Ibanez ATK800E Premium Bass

Bass Guitars Under $1000

It surprises all the audience with its wonderful features. The Ibanez ATK800E Premium has a premium model which is managed to have the sonic possibilities. It is one of the features of the Bass Guitars Under $1000 is the genuine hidden gem.

With the pickup configuration, it ranks in the best place compared to others, and as well as the instrument construction is quite chunky. The neck is packed with the signature Ibanez mark which is slim and super playable. It has a large body, and this body puts a great physical strain on your body as well.

#2 Washburn T25NMK Taurus Bass

Bass Guitars Under $1000

This bass comes with the slim and as well as distinctive double-cutaway with satin finish and a sleek central pattern. And as well as the quality of the design is very high with absolute key factors at the top-notch sound of the instrument. Coming to the ergonomics, it is the light bass which has five strings which lock into the player’s body. The additional neck has playable which reminds of the finest Ibanez models.


  • It has amazing design
  • And the quality of the sound and as well as passive pickups are at best.
  • This is lightweight
  • It is good value for money.


  • The low end becomes messy if it is not dialed in.

#1 Ibanez SR505BM Bass

Bass Guitars Under $1000

This bass has the excellent sound, smooth which has a gorgeous natural finish. It is elegant and bass of any genre from pop to the heavy metal. Of course, this instrument has the subtle headstock with darker and more rounded vibe. As per ergonomics, it is a five string bass with a wider neck. If you want to play the music fast, then you can purchase the Ibanez SR505BM Bass under the Bass Guitars Under $1000.


  • It is versatile and has a powerful sound.
  • Very light and easy to use.
  • This is high durability and as well as a great tonewood.
  • And has the quality craftsmanship.


  • It is somewhat lacking who are looking for the low punch.
  • There is no gig bag.

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