Alvarez ABT60 Review 2018 – Best Buy Online

Alvarez ABT60 Review 2018 – Best Buy Online

Alvarez Guitar: Alvarez’s ABT60 is an inexpensive entry into the saga of baritone guitars. Dressed humbly, Alvarez Guitar puts its worth into the constituents that offer it such a fine and appealing voice.

Alvarez Guitar ABT60 Review

Alvarez Guitar


In the range of affordable entry-level instruments the Artist Series from Alvarez is there. Very modest arrangements make for an eye catching Alvarez Guitar in spite of the lack of bling. Since the fitting and feel of the instrument is great, the price of the guitar is noticeably put into the wood and expertise.

A baritone guitar offers a new voice without having to learn a new instrument. The only cheap bits are simply cured, and they are the bridge pins as well as the pickguard. Simply taking away the pickguard will improve the look and sound without its reducing presence. This guitar is also available with ABT60L which is a left-handed model. Another variant ABT60E version comes with an LR Baggs StagePro Element preamp. Case is not default with the price tag and you have to purchase it separately.

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Alvarez Guitar


The ABT60 is a baritone guitar. Alvarez’s recommended tuning is from B to B. All the chord shapes are the identical as on a typical Alvarez Guitar just tuned down from E to B. This guitar has a solid A+ sitka spruce top hand selected from quarter-sawn wood and laminate mahogany back and sides. Both the braces and asymmetric tone bars are scalloped with FST2M forward shifted X-bracing. Further it contains solid maple bridge plate for reinforcement and enhancement quality.

In order to make you free from long-time seating posture to play, two strap buttons exist. The body is bound in ABS ivory binding and has an abalone rosette. For easy movement up and down the neck, The 21 fret mahogany neck has a 50/50 semi-gloss finish. The rosewood fretboard is simple except for a mother of pearl inlay on the 12th fret. Side dots are also there so that you won’t loose.

With premium die-cast tuners the headstock plate is rosewood. At the 14th fret, Dovetail neck joint meets the body. Rosewood bi-level bridge with synthetic bone bridge pins. Real Bone is usage to make the nut and saddle. The nut has a width of 1-3/4”.

Alvarez Guitar


The Artist Series sound and personality is uncluttered and authoritative. FST2 also generates very decent stability. Hence both the treble and bass registers are evidently present and balance in relation to each other.

Artist Series feel right and are thrilling to play. The guitar will do what you ask of it, no matter if you are improvising hard or picking casually. Select a mahogany top for a more focused sound with fewer overtones. If you want to experience power, go for Sitka. Furthermore, choose a Cedar top if you want to experience warmth and response to a lighter touch.


This is a big guitar from the jumbo body to the 27-23/32” scale length. It’s larger size makes sense as it is voice between a dreadnought and acoustic bass. The semi-gloss finish on the neck feels enjoyable and it does not get gluey when your hands sweat. There is something so fascinating about the sound of a baritone guitar. The ABT60 has a big voice with a low rumble. The balance of the sound leans toward the low end. However, you can hear all the strings.


  • Excellent value for the price.
  • Add a new voice to your instrument assemble.
  • Very playable with an enthralling sound.


  • The bridge pins and pickguard are poor quality, but easily replacement and removal
  • No case included in the price of the guitar

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