Antonio Hermosa AHT-10CE Classical Cutaway Guitar – Review

It is the manufacturer of the classical and the flamenco acoustic guitar. The instruments are more attractively made and is based on the traditional designs from the 19th century. It is also incorporating modern advances and make appealing to the contemporary guitarists. Mainly it is of three categories like a traditional classical model, flamenco guitars, and the cutaway models, featuring acoustic pickup patterns.

The ranges of the guitar include the instruments with the unique features and design such as left-handed guitars, narrow fretboards, and smaller bodies. The Antonio Hermosa AHT-10CE Guitar is a guitar that is suitable for the beginners while interested in playing the guitar at the first time in classical or flamenco guitar. It comes with the few concerns though and some added perks for a student model.

Antonio Hermosa AHT-10CE Guitar

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Antonio Hermosa AHT-10CE Guitar – Solid Cedar Top, Thin body


The Antonio Hermosa AHT-10CE Guitar is a nylon string having the acoustic and electric by the Antonia Hermosa. Having the thin line on the body in a classic shape. The top of the guitar is a solid cedar with the laminate mahogany back and sides, The top and back of the body have maple binding with the 3-ply top purfling. The length of scale is 2mm shorter than a standard classical at 648mm, i.,e.,25.5”.

Antonio Hermosa AHT-10CE Guitar

The slim of the mahogany neck has a rosewood fingerboard with no inlays. There are side dots at the 5th,7th, and 12th frets in the binding of the neck. There are having the 18 nickel frets. The nut is a standard classical size at the 50.8mm and having the 2”. A traditional Spanish neck of the joint is used to attach it to the body.

The Antonio guitar is done with a glossy finish. The rosette is a mosaic style decal underneath the finish. The bridge is the rosewood with a compensated saddle. The body has a single cutaway that allows easy access put to the 15th fret.

Features of Antonio Hermosa AHT-10CE Guitar

  • The onboard electronics of the Antonia are the EQ-7545R preamp with the faux wood sticker.
  • It controls include a 4-band EQ and volume.
  • The battery box is located right next to the control panel and the battery check with LED.
  • It takes a 9-volt battery to power the system
  • Having the gold plated tuners with the brown pearloid buttons sit atop the slotted headstock.
  • It comes strung with D’ Addario strings.
  • The Antonio guitar keeps to tradition by not having a truss rod.
  • The body is skinny with the maximum depth of the 71mm, i.e.,2.8125”.
  • Other dimensions Hermosa of the AHT-10CE are as follows and the upper bout is 295mm, i.e., 11.625.
  • The lower bout is 371mm, i.e.,14.625”.
  • Body length 486mm, i.e.,19.125” and the total duration of the 981mm, i.e.,38.625”.
  • Antonio Hermosa AHT-10CE offers different variations of the model.
  • There is a good model that has a non-Thinline body and a model with a standard body with no electronics or cutaway.
  • Included in the price of the guitar.

Antonio Hermosa AHT-10CE Guitar Thinbody – Performance

There is nothing expensive or the astounding about this Antonio guitar. Inexpensive student of the Antonio model that includes electronics and a cutaway. There are some of the concerns with the quality of the wood used, and again it is a student model, not an expensive model. The thin body makes it a very comfortable guitar to play, and the Neck is wide like a standard classical but is thinner. It makes it a bit unbalanced but not terribly.

Antonio Hermosa AHT-10CE Guitar

The sound is not the very layered. It has the classical pluck and but not the real snap one would want to hear. Electronics are excellent given the price point but do not expect a professional quality sound and the guitar you plug in due to the thinness of the sound. Point you can get a guitar built by a more well-known builder.


  • Thinline body is very comfortable.
  • Cutaway opens up the fretboard more.
  • Electronics already installed.


  • Quality of the build concerns.
  • No case of the included in the price of the guitar.


The Antonio Hermosa AHT-10CE Guitar is a choice where the money you spend will get some features you would not find in most entry-level guitars. But you can take a risk with the build quality.

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