Yamaha APX500III Review 2018 | Best Stage Performance

Yamaha APX500III Review (2018) – Best Stage Performance

Yamaha Guitars: Yamaha’s APX500III is the best match for the stage players as it is built keeping it in mind. However it also best suited for the learner. This Best Yamaha Guitar an electric/acoustic guitar at little bit higher price that the learner guitars range. Just plug into an amp or mixing board, add a strap, check for your tuning, and you are ready to play it peacefully.

Best Yamaha Guitar – APX500III Review

Best Yamaha Guitar


The APX series has been in the market since 1987. And the Best Yamaha Guitar APX500III is the third-time release of this model. Enhancement that are in APX500II are an upgraded preamp and new blend of tonewoods for the back and sides. The System 66 preamp consists of: 3-band EQ, an under the saddle piezo pickup, an adjustable midrange frequency control, volume, and built-in tuner. The preamp system uses AA batteries to power it. The battery box is situated on the upper bout just above the neck for easy access.

The distinguishing soundhole is not that artistic, but condenses the lower-mids and strengthens the lows. Two strap buttons endure the stage-ready theme of APX500III, since there is no sitting at a rock show. There are five color choices for this guitar. You can buy any one of the Oriental Blue Burst, Natural, Black, Vintage Sunburst, and Dusk Sun Red. All the colors have a very nice finish. In a general view, the more conventional colors clash with the more contemporary appearance of the guitar.

APX500IIL is a left-handed model in the older series, but only available in the natural finish. Case is not part of the guitar’s price.

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Best Yamaha Guitar


With a cutaway Best Yamaha Guitar APX500III is a thinline acoustic/electric guitar which is built for live performance. It is designed to be played to a small intimate group or be plugged in.

Guitar has a spruce top with nato or okume back and sides. Specially articulated non-scalloped X-bracing make best use of the resonance of the thinline body. There is white binding around the body and neckline. Yamaha’s bridge is of rosewood but it is oversized. And it is designed to transfer as much of the string trembling as possible to the soundboard. The bridge has curved edges and smooth lines so that it does not get in the way of your strumming hand.

The nato neckline has a satin finish for swift and easy playing. The truss rod is reachable through the oval soundhole. The fingerboard is also of rosewood, and has 22 reachable frets. With the Yamaha name and logo in mother of pearl, the black headstock has six die-cast chrome tuners. The body is slender, but the size of the guitar is normal at 25.6”, and it weighs about 4lbs.

Best Yamaha Guitar


Due to non-scalloped X-type bracing, the Best Yamaha Guitar APX500III is big in sound acoustically with lots of resonance. Whereas the familiar oval soundhole lets for ample low-end. Hence, it’s obviously pretty bassy, yet it is still pure and fairly well-balanced. As soon as you plug into an amp the tonal range becomes even wider due to controls. Playing at the highs and lows you can strum it in whatever tone you need.


As an acoustic, the guitar is not very loud and it does not have a strong bass presence. The sound is lesser when you compare with a dreadnought. However, it is not a big surprise. Apart from that, it has a nice natural voice, with a decent balance between the strings. It is bright as well as harmonious. When you do not plug the guitar it is not suitable for a larger audiences, hence audibility issue.

Another disappointing factor is that the nut as well as the saddle are of plastic. When you plug Best Yamaha Guitar APX500III it certainly produces very bright tone. Yamaha’s System 66 preamp is very good. Control is abundant to dial in your sound. This will compensate any of the acoustic shortages of the slim body shape. Guitar has one of the best built-in tuners of any acoustic guitar preamp. It has a very rich display, and with nice precision.

  • Excellent onboard electronics with a great built-in tuner.
  • Multiple color options.
  • Ready for the stage appointments.
  • Plastic nut and saddle.
  • Case is not included.

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