Blueridge BR-341 Review | Vintage Style in a Modern Body

For the stable portion of the musicians, the travel guitars are merely a way to stay in the form of during travel and the possible six-string. They can take out on vacation without worrying about the damaging. The Parlor domain also contains a variety of the top picks for the flattering title of the best travel guitar. Blueridge BR-341 Guitar made in the image of the pre-war parlor guitars and an instrument that fingerstyle players will find a lot of love. The non-fingerstyle players might fall in love as well with the beautiful voice.

Blueridge BR-341 Guitar

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Blueridge BR-341 Guitar Historic Series Parlor Guitar – Design

The Blueridge BR-341 is the parlor sized steel that the string is strictly acoustic guitar. The top of the guitar solid Sitka spruce with the scalloped bracing and it dies in a pre-war forward shifted X. The back and sides are solid mahogany. The top and back of the guitar bordered with the tortoise binding with matching heel cover. It has the shorter 630mm i.e,24.75” scale length.

The slim of 19 fret mahogany neck is topped with an ebony fingerboard. The bone nut is the 47.6mm i.e,1.875” wide. The diet that inlays the mother of pearl and is on the 5th,6th,7th, and 9th frets. The neck joins the body at the 12th fret in parlor-style guitars.

Blueridge BR-341 Guitar

The bridge made with the ebony and backed with the maple bridge plate. The saddle made of the bone and compensated. The bridge pins are black with the ABS. The concentric circle rosette traditional in style and made from the multiple ABS. The body and the neck have a natural high gloss finish.

Features of the Blueridge BR-341 Guitar

  • The BR-341 is developed and designed to match the Blueridge guitars from the 20th century.
  • Builders of the Blueridge brand used examples that survived.
  • Bridge of the guitar made with the Pyramid style that was popular during those days.
  • Accurate period there is no pickguard on this guitar.
  • The hard work nickel plated and the vintage is slotted by the Guitar peghead style tuners with the black ABS buttons.
  • The Blueridge logo is on the back of the headstock.
  • There is no case includes with the price of the guitar.

Blueridge BR-341 Guitar – Performance

The fit and finish of this guitar are quite good, and the action of the tuner is very accurate and stable. The Older style of guitar and the aesthetics match that period and look at the pictures at the top of the guitar and gives the little extra punch in the looks. It is in a smaller size and also small guitar from the neck perspective and the neck is having the quite wide and may more than the small hands can handle. It is the fingerstyle player guitar and the real signs when played without Do not get me wrong it also sounds good with a pick and just sounds better without one and having the smooth warm parlor sound with the plenty of projection.

Blueridge BR-341 Guitar


  • Fingerstyle player’s neck size.
  • Great tone of the guitar whether played with or without a pick.
  • Accurate and also stable tuners.
  • Traditional styling and design will appeal to players looking for that kind of vibe.


  • A tad underdressed for the price tag.
  • No case included in the price of the guitar.


The Blueridge BR-341 may not pretty some of the cohorts, and it can sing just as beautiful as any of them. The guitar will play in the fingerstyle player.

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