Breedlove Pursuit Parlor MH Acoustic Review

The Sporting, a small body design with an intimate tone and the Breedlove pursuit MH parlor Acoustic and the Electric Guitar, is the constructed from a solid mahogany top alongside mahogany sides and back. Providing the balanced timbre in both acoustic and amplified arenas. The Breedlove Pursuit Parlor MH Guitar mahogany instrument’s neck provides a 25.5” scale and a slim. Having the C-shaped profile to engender a more comfortable playing experience while centered dot inlays demarcate the rosewood fingerboard.

Breedlove Pursuit Parlor MH Guitar

To avoid the process of drilling holes in the soundboard and Breedlove outfitted this guitar with a pinless rosewood bridge. By offering a gentler string break angle from the bridge to the top of the saddle and allows you to the change and lines more expeditiously. You have to wish the amplify this measurement on stage. The passport parlor MH an all Mahogany tone machine that has the electronics and would not be stuck with the planning to just small rooms and the instrument will feel comfortable in front of any sized crowd or the studio.

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Breedlove Pursuit Parlor MH Guitar Mahogany Acoustic – Design

The Guitar MH Breedlove is an electrical steel and acoustic string guitar. The shape of the body is that of a parlor guitar. It has a solid mahogany top with the laminate mahogany back and sides. While binding borders the top and back of the guitar and the heel cap is in black. The Breedlove Mahogany neck joins to the body at the 12th fret and the bolt-on neck just like all the Breedlove’s guitar. The fingerboard is the rosewood with the 19frets and dot inlay frets markers. The bone nut has a width of 43mm, i.e.,1.69”.

Breedlove Pursuit Parlor MH Guitar

It has the chrome die-cast enclosed with the tuners. There are two strap buttons so you would not have to sit when playing out. The pinless bridge rosewood with the compensated bone saddle and also some rosette of concentric circles. The scale length is 635 i.e.,25”. The body dimensions are the lower bout is 343mm, i.e.,,13.5”. The upper bout is the 241mm, i.e., 9.5” and the length of the body is 483mm i.e,19”. The neck and the body are done with a satin finish. The body and neck are done with a satin finish.

Features of Breedlove Pursuit MH Guitar

  • The passport MH features the Breedlove pinless bridge.
  • This eschews the need to drill six holes through the soundboard of the guitar which allows the sound wave to move more evenly.
  • Breedlove has come up with the new inventive bracing style that allows for a Breedlove thinner graduated top.
  • The Breedlove treble side is slightly thicker to make a more balanced tone.
  • It also has a bolt-on neck with a single action truss rod, and it is done to make it easier to adjust the guitar to get the right setup.
  • If there ever came the need to replace the neck on the guitar, it will be easier than the major surgery required to replace a traditional dovetail joint neck.
  • The electronics are Fishman preamp with a Sonicore Piezo pickup.
  • It has a volume, treble, and the bass control.
  • There is also a phase switch and built-in tuner.
  • There is a standard 1/4 jack and a USB out for the direct recording purposes.
  • It does not have have the Breedlove bridge truss and which they are known and does come with the standard gig bag.

Breedlove Pursuit Parlor MH Guitar – Performance

The neck is the very slim and the finish is smooth and makes it very playable. The scale length is slightly larger than and it is very slight and is hardly noticeable. The look of the Breedlove of the guitar is very low key and is about the most retro looking Breedlove that I have ever seen. I would have preferred to Parlor see a bit more pizazz this price point, but at the same time, I like a guitar that is not too flashy.

Breedlove Pursuit Parlor MH Guitar

The balance between the treble and bass is outstanding, and the sound is hot for a parlor. The location of the strap button on the neck makes it hard to get the past the 12th fret. The electronics are excellent with the plenty of room for the tone shaping. The sound of the guitar is excellent, so the electronics and have to translate that sound to the speaker.


  • A great feeling neck that is very comfortable to play.
  • Very balanced sound between the treble and bass.
  • Excellent electronics.
  • The pinless bridge that makes string changes so easy.


  • A bit dull looking at this price point.
  • Poorly placed strap button on the neck.


The electronics take the Breedlove Passport Passport Parlor MH out of the Parlor and out onto the stage. It has the tone to be a hit with any friendly music crowd.

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