Bristol BD-16 Review 2018 | Guitar With Flamboyance

Bristol BD-16 Review 2018 – Guitar With Flamboyance

Bristol’s Guitar: The BD-16 is a prodigious instrument to start into the arena of guitar playing. The Bristol Guitar accomplishes beyond its price point with a decent and flamboyant voice. It has modest yet graceful arrangements which impresses any player. Bristol is one of those companies which outclass at certain area of the market. Blueridge BD-16 is the outcome of what occurs when Bristol adopts to produce a stable yet electrifying entry-level acoustic. Starting from its body excellence and all the way to the value it bids the whole thing about this guitar is on theme. Because of this it becomes of the recommendation for  your list of beginner acoustics.

Bristol Guitar BD-16 Review

Bristol Guitar


The Bristol Guitar line is preparation by the same team that prepare Blueridge Guitars. Bristol guitars’ design has its aim and price for the beginner level musician. The size of the BD-16 is not optimum for real young players, but is decent for an adult beginner. There is a slighter model with 000 body called the BM-16.

The Bristol BD-16 has six Schaller style 14:1 ratio die-cast tuners and they are chrome plated. The neckline has an adaptable truss rod for keeping it traditional even when it is humid. Case is not part of the price tag of the guitar.

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Bristol Guitar


The Bristol Guitar BD-16 is only a 22-7/8” scale length and dreadnought size acoustic. Guitar has a laminate spruce top with scallop headlong X-bracing. Back and sides have Laminate mahogany usage.The slim mahogany neckline has swift easy action. With a dovetail joint it is attach to the body. The fingerboard is rosewood and has a very flat 15.75” radius. Dot inlays exist on the 3rd, 5th, 7th, 9th, 12th, 15th, and 17th frets. Totally, BD-16 has 20 frets with 14 of them having rich access.

The nut is a make of ABS, and width is 1-11/16”. The headstock contains rosewood overlay with the Bristol logo and name silks screened onto it. Rosewood is to prepare the bridge with an ABS saddle. The body is bound in black ABS and has a finish with a natural high brightness. A black pickguard and standard Blueridge rosette finish off the guitar’s appointments.

Bristol Guitar


Once you start strumming or picking strings, everyone starts enjoying the beauty of its output. Bristol brings a guitar which achieves outside its price range. Blend of spruce and mahogany bounces it a warm, yet pulsating tone. To its dreadnought body shape this has a loud projection. There’s definition, precision, but also freshness in the way this guitar talks. Whether you prefer finger picking or a strummer, or Blueridge BD-16 does not upset.


The Bristol Guitar line has acquired his name after the city in Tennessee. The city is known as the birthplace of country music, which is no amazement that this is a great guitar for country music. It is worth for a beginner looking for a guitar to start on. The quality is pleasant and it is very playable. In addition, it has outstanding sustain for a laminate guitar. It is profoundly brace which makes for a very robust instrument.

At the price tag and music ability of this guitar it best suits for an experienced musician. The BD-16 has a positive voice with clear bass response. It responds well to fingerpicking as well as strumming players.

  • Excellent value for beginner musicians.
  • Sustains very well for a laminate guitar.
  • Slim neck with good action.
  • Too large for a young beginner player.
  • Case is not included.

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