Cordoba C3M Acoustic Nylon String Classical Guitar Review

Cordoba Guitar was founded in 1997, and their foundation has solely focused on delivering the best and expensive classical guitars into the market. The best and primary example of this guitar is the Iberia series. The nylon stringed wonder allows the full sized and handcrafted traditional gift box which screams of the value. If you want the affordable instrument packing admirable qualities. The fiddles of this box had some of the finest you can come across on today’s market. Cordoba C3M Guitar is straightforward and also the stylish and breathtaking. An instrument that can accomplish you for a long time especially if it is your first of its kind.

Cordoba C3M Guitar

It is a solid top entry into the student model category and combines the great looks with the great playability. Built with the traditional Spanish fan bracing and a solid cedar top and mahogany sides and back. It also has the hand inlaid wooden rosette and the rosewood fingerboard and gold tuning machines with the pearl buttons.

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Design of the Cordoba C3M Guitar

The handcrafted Cordoba C3M is a part of the Iberia series. This is one of the entry level instrument and a full sized nylon string classical with a scale length of 650mm, i.e.,,,25.6”. It has a solid Canadian cedar top with the traditional Spanish fan bracing. The sides and the back are laminate mahogany. The body is bordered with the black ABS binding. The neck is made up of Nato and also called the eastern mahogany.

Cordoba C3M Guitar

It is made in the traditional design with a C-shape and 406mm, i.e., 16 radius. The bone nut is the 52mm, i.e., 2.04” width. The neck has the two-way adjustable 4mm truss road. The mother of the pearl side dot fret markers at the 5th,7th, 9th, and the 12th fret. There are 12 frets to the body with a total of 19 frets. The bridge is rosewood, and the saddle is bone. The rosette had the hand inlaid and made of all the natural wood.

Cordoba C3M Guitar – Features

  • Breaking with tradition, Cordoba has put the truss rod into the C3M.
  • The addition of a truss rod will cause neck dive on a classical guitar.
  • The people who are designed a truss rod that weighs the same as the wood and removes the place it in the neck.
  • So neck has the no dive.
  • The radius of the neck is also a non-traditional and usually classical have flat fingerboards.
  • Nickel plated the tunning machine with the pearl buttons sit atop the slotted headstock.
  • The body of the guitar having the depth of 95mm, i.e.,3.7” at the upper bout and the 100mm, i.e., 3.9” at the lower bout and the width of the lower bout is 375mm, i.e.,14.75”.
  • It came and strung with the Savarez Cristal Corum High Tension 500CJ strings.
  • It does not come with a case or gig bag, and the size and shape of the instrument should include no issues to find the case or gig bag.

Performance of the Cordoba C3M Guitar

The satin finish was very nice and does not feel too heavy. The rosette is lovely with the beautiful detail to give the guitar a more expensive look. The sound of the guitar is quite good and can attribute to the solid top. It lacks the depth of the more expensive instrument that is to expect. It is hot and so much responsive to playing the guitar. The action is excellent, and the neck is very comfortable to play. The tuners have the good tuning stability and would not worry about the tuning all the time.

Cordoba C3M Guitar

This is one of the classical instrument, so that do not plan pop songs. This is the tool designed for the flamenco, classical, and some jazz. It has the wide neck that the type of the traditional instrument. There is a radius, but it is not very noticeable. If the player wants to stay very traditional, then he goes with this tool.


  • Perfect sound and playability.
  • Beautiful looks that belie the price tag.
  • The matte finish gives the instrument an excellent look and feel.


  • Does not come with a gig bag or case.
  • Non-traditional additions will throw off purists.


It is the refreshing to find the solid-topped instrument in the student model range and also the great tool to get started learning. It will inspire the desire to practice a better guitarist.

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