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Cordoba C7 SP Review 2018 – Best Beginner Guitar

Cordoba’s Guitar: The handcraft C7 SP is part of the Iberia line, which are the affordable and entry-level guitars from Cordoba. However, they are not inferior in its class. Cordoba Guitar is an instrument that both looks and sounds stunning with outstanding playability. Cordoba is in the list of few companies who produce real potential at a price which is more than reasonable. Cordoba C7 is a product as an instrument for learner and intermediate players. However, it can keep up with those who are far beyond that skill level.

Cordoba Guitar – C7 SP Review


One of the modern features added to this guitar is a truss rod. The common apprehension with a truss rod in a conventional guitar is neck dive. The makers in Cordoba Guitar have prepared a two-way adaptable 4mm truss rod. This has the same weight as the wood that was removed to place it in the neckline. Thus it is successful to avoid the neck dive issue.

Also, there is a top version of cedar for this guitar. However, you can also purchase this with the choices of cutaway and electronics. The guitar has a finish in a high gloss polyurethane which displays the attractive wood grain. The C7 SP comprises of gold tuners with ebony-style buttons that have a floral design and a gear ratio of 14:1. A firm and sturdy Cordoba gig bag comes as part the price of the guitar. The bag consists of both straps as well as a handle with a zippered pocket to store music and accessories.

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Cordoba Guitar


With Indian rosewood back and sides, the Cordoba Guitar C7 SP has a solid European spruce top. Indian rosewood is also used for the bridge, binding, and fretboard. Conventional Spanish fan bracing is the usge in the preparation of this guitar for a better resonance. It has a complete scale length of 25.6”.

The mahogany neckline has a Cordoba conventional style, which is 52mm at the nut, has a flat fingerboard, with 19 frets. The neckline joins the body at the 12th fret. Side dot markers prepared with mother of pearl inlays are on 3rd, 5th, 7th, 9th, and 12th frets. Both the nut and saddle are made of bone. The spruce top of the C7 SP has a conventional style hand-decorated wooden rosette which is both graceful and attractive.

Cordoba Guitar


If you fine-tune your classical guitar, there is hardly anything better than a sound. Cordoba C7 comes across as a very sturdy, yet communicative model. There is best volume, and also a decent response across the series. Trebles are well defined, cracking out as you play whereas lows are well stable and fairly attentive. Indian rosewood makes the finger picking on Cordoba Guitar C7 a pure enjoyment. Everything is sufficient for the classical guitar warmth, but also a decent amount of aggression.


Tone and Volume are outstanding with this instrument further it appeals for most players. The spruce top bounces along with already existing warm sound with more precision. The Spanish bracing lets the body to reverberate offering the instrument prodigious projection. You can maintain the low action with the truss rod even when there is a climate is humid in your area. Classical guitar perfectionists may disagree to this addition. But it has been done very fine so that all the advantages of a truss rod are sustaining without the normal problems.

The finish appears dense on the neck, and that may become a concent if your hands sweat too much. You love to play this guitar which will permit a new player to work on your style and technique without a struggle against an mediocre instrument. It is an outstanding investment as this instrument will carry the player through many of the stages of their development.

  • Adjustable two-way truss rod.
  • Beautiful styling from the gold and black tuning machines to the inlaid wood rosette.
  • Excellent tone and volume.
  • Very good construction.
  • Some of the non-traditional design features will be off putting to classical guitar purists.

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