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Fender CP-100 Review: Hai everyone. Today we here to learn about the important aspects of the Fender CP-100 Review. Before going into this let us have a complete idea of what is Fender CP-100? Yes Fender CP-100 is the best affordable guitar with attractive work with some vintage-y selections. As the name itself says that it has a small body with the best fit for playing, ie., either at home or otherwise in other places.

This absolutely has its flavor and as well as it produces the pleasant sound with good melodies. And it is regularly chosen by many of the music lovers to play and hear the pleasant music as well. Now in the upcoming sections, we will discuss its design, features and as well as the performance.

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Fender CP-100 Review | Buyer Guide

Now in this section, you will see about Fender CP-100 Review. It is a reasonable price which will be good to look in most of the living rooms. This guitar is very playable, and it is attracting most of the people with its small size and highly entertaining voice. And the hardware of this guitar is consists of many components, and it makes the tuning a bad issue, and it further comes by its excellent sound. Make sure that the rosewood bridge is a synthetic bone which is committed with a bone saddle.

Fender CP-100 Review


This instrument is made of a laminated spruce top with the super projection. And now coming to the back and sides these are made of the laminated mahogany with a smooth finish. And there is twenty fret rosewood fingerboard which has a 305mm radius. The dual action truss rod allows the neck adjusts to match the humidity conditions. Fender CP-100 guitar neck joins the body at 14th fret which normally joins it at the 12th fret.

Features of Fender CP-100 – Fender CP-100 Review 

Let us navigate to the features section of the Fender CP-100. These features are essential for this guitar as well.

  • It has two strap buttons, the first button on the upper bout is supported by the internal block of wood.
  • And coming to the hardware it uses the chrome, and the tuners are die-case open with a butter bean shaped Tuttons. These are at the top which is next to the gold screened fender Logo.
  • These strings are coated for the better sound and playability.
  • Measurements – Length 1022mm (40.25″), lower bout 355.6mm (14″), upper bout 244.5mm (9-5/8″) and finally the depth of 108mm (4.25″)
  • And this guitar is available with satin sunburst finish, and it does not include any bag along with the guitar.

Fender CP-100 Review


And now coming to the performance the finishing is not so good on the body, and the sunburst looks very white. The satin which is present on the neck of the guitar is good which makes the neck to feel smooth and fast. If you are looking for the parlor sound, then this guitar could not be the right choice. Because it does not sound like a dreadnought by any stretch. Finally, this could be the best option for the people with a small frame and small hands.


Fender CP-100 Review: This Fender CP-100 has an unusual sound, and the instrument sound output strives towards the midrange-y tones. Some people argue that the solid top offers better projection but the opinions vary from person to person. This is a lightweight parlor design which allows for playing on different levels.


  • It has a full sound.
  • The neck joins the body at the 14th fret so that it allows for accessing the more frets.
  • And it has a smooth neck.


  • There is white finish on the sunburst top.
  • And it does not include any case in this price.

Final Words

This Fender CP-100 is a good sounding parlor with a nice finish on the body. And the mahogany gives the warm and full sounding compared to the most parlor sized guitars.

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