Fender CD-60CE Review 2018 | Beginner’s Best Acoustic

Fender CD-60CE Review 2018 – Beginner’s Best Acoustic

Fender’s Guitars: One of the Fender Guitars CD-60CE is an affordable acoustic/electric guitar. Considering the features of this guitar at its affordability it is great from a beginner-level up to proficient player. Usually Fender’s range of guitars is not known for affordable guitars. However, choosing the affordability, entry-level acoustic guitars under their own product. And that gadget is the Fender CD60CE. If you are a beginner this acoustic electric guitar offers a solid foundation. This particular model is not a wonder among the most prevalent and best performing beginner acoustic guitars on the market.

Fender Guitars – CD-60CE Review

Fender Guitars


The CD-60CE consists of a Fishman Isys III pickup system that has active preamp and a tuner with volume. And is has three tone controls: bass, middle, and treble. In order, you to play standing up with a strap it has strap buttons. But it is also easy to play in a seating position. The Fender Guitars CD-60CE contains scalloped bracing. This is a feature generally you can find in high-end acoustic guitars. The scalloping uses less material to allow the guitar body to reverberate more offer to the instrument a comfortable tone.

This guitar is available in three different finishes: natural, black, and sunburst. There is also a variant which is all mahogany with a bright and clear finish. The only variation between the CD-60CE normal version is the laminated mahogany top. Whereas the standard model has a laminated spruce top. The best part is a very nice hardshell case with plush lining along with the price of the guitar.

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Fender Guitars


Laminated mahogany is the usage for the back and sides of the CD-60CE. Depending on the version you select, the top is either laminated spruce or laminated mahogany depending on which version you choose. It has black neck and body binding that appears very nice with all the existing finishes. There is a elegant white pearloid rosette and single ply black pickguard decorating the top of the gadget.

It has a mahogany neck with C-shape and Graph Tech NuBone nut. There are trivial pearloid dot markers on the 20-fret rosewood fretboard with a bright finish on the back of the neckline. To help intonation, with compensated synthetic bone saddle, the CD-60CE has a rosewood bridge. In fact, many models keep away compensated bridge at this price point. However, Fender keeps its value and has put this feature into this guitar.

Fender Guitars


Fishman styles few of the finest acoustic guitar pickups and the Isys III system is not an exception. It captures the good tone already inherent in the instrument and translates it to the amplified world the wide range of sound from the Fender Guitars CD-60CE. The tuner works very well, and is very handy. This guitar system uses a 9-volt battery which is as part of the output plug.

As like all the mahogany versions it appears fantastic coupled with the warm tones of an all mahogany acoustic. The black finish looks pretty pleasant. But it shows every finger print so if you want to retain a cloth in your guitar case if you want to continue with this finish.


The cutaway may change the sound of an acoustic. But the access to the higher frets is worth the tonal variation. Few players only use acoustic when their band is booked to do an “unplugged” gig. In these situations, they just play their regular set with acoustic instruments. In a general opinion, access to the higher frets is more useful than keeping a “pure” acoustic sound.

Fender Guitars CD-60CE is certainly a very good first instrument, but not for really beginning guitarists. It is not a thinline instrument, but a smaller sized dreadnought which still is a good guitar than a beginning player can handle.

  • Rich and warm sound from the mahogany body.
  • Excellent electronics with plenty of tonal controls.
  • Price includes a hardshell case.
  • Purists will not like the cutaway, and how it affects the sound.

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