Fender Paramount PM-2 Deluxe Review (2018) | Buyers Guide

Fender Paramount PM-2 Deluxe Review: The Parlor-sized acoustics and the small acoustics have a little bit of regeneration in the recent years. Fender Paramount PM-2 Deluxe is a good instrument for the people who are looking for the parlor guitars. And it has a class and tone along with the additional which is coming from the small body of the guitar. It has a Sitka spruce top along with an East Indian rosewood on the back and as well as on the sides with a petite acoustic. And to know more about the Fender Paramount PM-2 follow up this article. Where you can find the complete information about its features, advantages and as well as the disadvantages, performance, etc.

Fender Paramount PM-2 Deluxe Review

This Paramount PM-2 is as good and better than any of the parlor which we use to play. Many of the people have observed the goodness in the middle range that it is perfect for blue finger pickers and as well as for the folk strummers etc. The open string lines and the faux grass licks which are easy across the mahogany neck and as well as at the ebony fretboard. It has a good warmth and complexity, and the little mid-range voice carries well even though the overall volume has a little bit limitations.

Fender Paramount PM-2 Deluxe Review

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Coming to the design part, it is a sized parlor guitar in Fender new series for the 2016 Paramount Series. Its top is a made up of solid Sitka spruce with quartersawn scalloped X-bracing. The back and sides are made with the solid East Indian rosewood. The body is furnished with high gloss, and the rosette and purfling are Fender 60 check board for a perfect looking. And as well as the C shaped mahogany neck has a high gloss which matches the body. The fingerboard has nineteen frets which are made of ebony material. And coming to the nut, it is bone with a width of 44.5mm, and it joins the body at the 12th fret with a dovetail neck.


  • Both Fender and Fishman worked together for designing the preamp for the Paramount series which is said to be the PM system.
  • This preamp has volume, bass and as well as the treble controls.
  • And also button for turning off the built-in tuner.
  • This hardware is coated with nickel plated, and there are two installed strap buttons with a wooden block reinforcement.
  • It has six open gear tuners with black butterbean buttons.
  • This comes in two colors, i.e., vintage sunburst or natural.
  • It also has the hex wrench for adjusting the truss rod.


The Fender Paramount PM-2 Deluxe is a quite good guitar with a vintage sunburst. And the natural wood looks perfect with the gloss finish. And the looks of the guitar are awesome which adds to the pride of this classical guitar. The beginners enjoy the feel of this guitar because of the small body, short scale length it fits well into some handed people. These dynamics are excellent and as well as the overall tone of the guitar is bright, which is plugged in as good. The 2-band EQ provides enough control for adjusting the guitar.

Fender Paramount PM-2 Deluxe Review


  • These great built-in tuners are accurate and as well as easy to read.
  • It has a well-balanced sound with good dynamics.
  • The design features have a lot of visualities.
  • This includes a Fender guitar case.


  • It is too small for the large size players.

Final Words

The Fender Paramount PM-2 Deluxe is the perfect and excellent guitar for the people who are waiting for the parlor guitar. And these electronics are good, so it is easy to play it. The vibe works well. And therefore this is all about the Fender Paramount PM-2 Deluxe Review along with the features, performance and as well as the benefits and drawbacks of this excellent parlor guitar.

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