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Hohner HC06 Review: Have you heard about Honer if not follow up this guide to have a complete idea on Hohner. And along with this, you can see the Hohner HC06 Review, design, and as well the performance, etc. First, let us have a brief look at the Hohner and its history. Hohner is a musical instrument manufacturer in Europe. They provide a traditional quality lasting over the century. And this Hohner HC06 is considered as the beginner’s acoustic guitar or a classical one to be more specific. It is a nylon string acoustic which is made for the starting stage students. This is the best one for the people who are in the starting stage of playing the classical guitar.

Hohner HC06 Review | Full Size Classical Review

Now have a look at his instrument which instantly lets off a sweet classic vibe whether you are examining or playing through its nylon strings. It is built of high-quality woods mixture and as well as it got all the attributes of Hohner A+. It is an advanced standard for all the Hohner student instruments and improving the variety of details exhibited by its performance as the manufacturer claims.  And coming to the hardware, it truly highlights the manufacturer attention in detail in the student instruments which ensures the quality and as well as the positive learning experience.

Hohner HC06 Review


This is full-size student model which is the classical guitar series. It is a laminate guitar, and the top is clean with a Hohner optimizing bracing pattern. Coming to the back and as well as the sides made of catalpa with a scale length of 650mm. And the neck of this is a rosewood fingerboard with a plastic nut with width of 52mm, and 19 frets with a last fret which is being a half fret. These 12 frets are standard on the classical guitar. And it joins the body with a dovetail neck. There are no fret inlays, but there is an availability of side dots on 5,7 and 9th frets as well. The bridge is made up of rosewood which is topped with a plastic saddle.

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This Catalpa is the wood of North America used in some guitars with traditional hard woods. And the Nato is used for the neck of the HC06 which is said to be the eastern mahogany.

  • The tuning machines with colored buttons are at the top slotted headstock.
  • This comes from the factory with middle gauge strings.
  • And it is tough with most of the classical guitars as HC06 has no truss rods.
  • There is no problem with the price of the guitar and as well as you have to purchase separately. But the main thing is that the size and style of the guitar must not be an issue.
  • HC02 is the half size instrument, and HC03 is the two-third size instrument and except the size, all the guitars built with same materials.

Hohner HC06 Review


Hohner HC06 Review: It is a complete size guitar with a traditional wide neck, and it is a student model, and it is not for young people. And if you are looking for the small size instruments then try for the other guitars in HC series. Nothing stands out in the HC06 from an aesthetics inspective. Coming to the sound, it is not that much extraordinary, but it is fine for this range of price. And this is in the round without snap, and there is no much depth in tone. The balance is equal, and it has a good aggressive range.


  • This has a good balance between treble and blass.
  • And there are different sizes in the price range which allows the guitar to grow with the player.
  • It uses many traditional classical design features.


  • It gives the flat, boring sound.
  • And there is no case includes the guitar.


The HC06 makes the old students in a higher position, and it helps to get the starting stage before you are ready to play on the main stage.

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