Ibanez ADG12IINT Review (2017) – Best Guitar from Ibanez

Ibanez ADG12IINT: Hiii…Everyone! Here is an interesting topic that you like it. It is about your favorite guitar Ibanez ADG12IINT features and functionality. So, you can go thoroughly through this page and know more details about the Ibanez AG12IINT guitar. The design of this guitar is so simple in which everyone will like it. Its design includes a lot of mahogany, a compact body, Fishman/Ibanez electronics, and 24.96″ scales. Also, it consists of natural, solid and sunburnt colors options that are available for ADG models. 

Ibanez ADG12IINT

This impressive Ibanez ADG12IINT is made by Ibanez which makes an extensive collection of guitars. So, you can choose the guitar that is perfect for you. There are some other varieties of guitars which you may also like them. For now, we discuss Ibanez ADG12IINT guitar about the advantages and disadvantages to buy this product. Therefore, just have a look at the following sections.
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Features of Ibanez ADG12IINT

As Ibanez ADG12IINT is one of the best guitars from Ibanez, it also supports excellent features to the users. It is the best guitar for the guitar lovers.The features of  Ibanez guitar are:Ibanez ADG12IINT


  • The cost of the guitar up to its design which is affordable for everyone.
  • This is Ibanez is an acoustic-electric guitar.
  •  It has a natural Mahogany top, back, and sides with a natural high gloss finish.
  •  Moreover, it has a rosewood bridge and fretboard.
  • The scale length of ADG12IINT is 25″.
  • This model guitar features the Abalone Rosette.
  • The guitar has Chrome Die-Cast Tuners and Fisherman Sonicore pickup.

Here is some more information about the Ibanez ADG12IINT guitar design properties.

Design Features:

The ADG12IINT by Ibanez is a steel – string slim acoustic/electric with the company’s own grand concert ADG body style. The top of the guitar is complete laminate mahogany backed with standard X-bracing. And also the sides and back are also laminated mahogany. It has ivory colored binding borders for the top and back with matching heel cap.

The neck of the guitar is C-shaped bound mahogany which has a satin finish and a rosewood fingerboard. The inlays of Ibanez are unique which give a bit of flair of the guitar. The radius of the neck is 400mm (15.7″). The nut of the guitar is of plastic which has a width of 43mm (1.693″). Moreover, it has 21 frets which are very accessible with the body’s Venetian cutaway. And the neck joins to the body at the 14th fret with a dovetail neck joint.

The bridge of this guitar is made of rosewood and compensated with a plastic saddle. The rosette is a lovely abalone ring in this device. This device is powered by a nine-volt battery, and the electronics feature intuitive controls, including the usual bass, midrange, treble, and volume knobs, plus a switch and an onboard tuner. So that the guitar can be visible even on a dimly lit stage. And the single note lines are more powerful than when played unamplified, with all naturalness and minimum of unwanted noise, making the guitar ready for use.

Ibanez ADG12IINT Pros and Cons

Ibanez ADG12IINT is a guitar with an austere beauty. It has a slim body, slightly shorter scale, and has a comfortable neck which makes it a guitar that feels just as good as it looks. So, you can get the details of pros and cons of this guitar which are below.Ibanez ADG12IINT


  • The guitar has an excellent electronics with plenty of tone sculpting ability.
  • It has beautiful aesthetics between the abalone rosette and the natural mahogany wood grain.
  • Moreover, it has a comfortable and playable neck.


  • It has very bad neck dive issue.
  • There is no case included with the guitar.

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