Ibanez AVN5 Artwood Vintage Mahogany Parlor Review

Ibanez AVN5 is of four models and has introduced this January into the traditional Artwood Vintage Series. The models include one more parlor and one grand concert and one dreadnought. All the templates, including the AVN5, are entirely acoustic featuring no electronics installed on or within the body. They are made for strictly acoustic enjoyment and just like the golden age acoustics which served as the Artwood Vintage Series creators as the chief source of inspiration. Ibanez AVN5 Mahogany Parlor Guitar is a straightforward and elegant parlor guitar to add to your collection. It would also be a very nice first guitar for a player willing to invest a little extra money into their first guitar.

Ibanez AVN5 Mahogany Parlor Guitar

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It is the part of the Artwood Vintage Series. The room-sized steel-string strictly acoustic guitar. The top consists of solid mahogany with the X style bracing. Back and Sides are laminate mahogany. Cream binding borders the top and back of the body with the matching heel cap. It has the three-piece mahogany neck with a rosewood fingerboard. The neck has a radius of 400mm i.e,15.7” and it has 18 frets.

Ibanez AVN5 Mahogany Parlor Guitar

There are dot fret markers on the 5th, 7th, 9th, and 12th frets. The nut is made of the bone, and it has the width of the 43mm i.e,1.69. The neck attaches to the body with the dovetail joint at the 12th fret. The bridge can make of the rosewood topped with a bone compensated saddle. There no rosette, but the soundhole is bound in the same cream as the body. The scale length is 634mm i.e,24.9”.

Features of Ibanez AVN5 Mahogany Guitar 

  • To capture a vintage look at the Ibanez AVN5 has an open pore finish and shows off the mahogany wood grain.
  • One strap button on the lower bout.
  • The vintage style slotted headstock includes six chrome open gear tuners with ivory colored knobs.
  • The bridge features and Advantage bridge pins.
  • Easier to remove and get put back in than standard bridge pins.
  • The bulbous guitar head designed so that it would not get pushed in too far.
  • The tapered end of the pin helps guide the string to anchored properly.
  • The body dimensions of the Guitar: length 495mm i.e,19.5” and the width at lower bout is 362mm i.e,14.25” and the 127mm i.e, 5”.

Ibanez AVN5 Guitar – Performance

The finish is fragile which lets the body vibrate. It also looks nice showing off the features of the mahogany body. This is a much better way to get a vintage look than distressing a new guitar. It is a wonderful instrument that keeps it simple, which is fine at this price point. The size and shape will feel very comfortable to smaller framed players.

Ibanez AVN5 Mahogany Parlor Guitar

The neck of the guitar is smooth and soft and thin finish is another bonus in favor of the guitar. It might be a little more than a player wants to pay. Sound wise is very much a parlor sound of the warmth of mahogany. It is very balanced with the sound projecting.


  • Smooth and fast neck.
  • Vintage did right without cheesy distressing.
  • Warm parlor sound.


  • No case included the guitar.


The Ibanez AVN5 Mahogany Parlor Guitar keeps were very simple with its look but not with its sound. Looks and play more expensive than is very kind of you and whether you are a first time player or adding to your collection.

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