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Ibanez GA35TCE: Are you searching for the best guitar from Ibanez brand then you should choose Ibanez GA35TCE guitar. The reason to choose this one is, it is slightly small and far more slender than a typical acoustic guitar. Ibanez GA35TCE  is acoustic electric guitar which is a comfortable fit for anyone from flat-pickers to finger stylists alike.  And also it has a thin line nylon string. This guitar is built with a back and sides made from mahogany. It has a solid spruce top which balances out the  GA35TCE’s deep and rich low end with an even balance of midrange clarity and high-end sparkle.

Ibanez GA35TCE

Moreover, Ibanez GA35TCE chose, a spruce top with a mahogany back and sides have been a favorite among the songwriters and live performers since the modern music has started. Together, the tonewoods of this guitar give warm and present lows and defined highs, leaving plenty of space in the midrange for your vocals. However, this Ibanez GA35TCE acoustic electric nylon string guitar is extraordinary which you can afford. Everyone needs an inexpensive acoustic guitar so that the damages also will be less price. So, go through this article get the information which you need.

Design Features of Ibanez GA35TCE Thinline Classical Guitar

This Ibanez GA35TCE is the best guitar from Ibanez brand in which anyone can afford. Get the more information about the guitar like design features, performance details, etc.

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Ibanez GA35TCE


The GA35TCE is a thinline classical guitar with nylon strings. The top of this acoustic, electronic guitar is solid spruce, and the sides and back are of laminate mahogany. The scale of this device is 650mm (27.6″). The mahogany neck joins to the body of the guitar to the body at the 14th fret with a dovetail neck joint. It is a type of a classical style guitar they usually join at the 12th fret. Then the divergence from tradition continues as there are 21 frets, and abalone offset inlays. It has a truss rod, and the nut width is 46mm (1.8″). The radius of the neck is flat so that it looks like a typical classical guitar.

The fingerboard and bridge of this electric guitar are made of rosewood. The slotted headstock of it has gold standard tuners with black buttons. The body is bordered with black binding on the front and back sides. It has rosette which is classical mosaic, and the nut and compensated saddle are made of Ivorex II.


  • The body of the guitar is classical thinline cutaway.
  • It has Mahogany back and sides and set neck.
  • It also has balanced XLR and 1/4″ outputs.
  • There is a rosewood fretboard with abalone offset dot inlays.
  • And also there is a rosewood bridge.
  • It has gold standard tuners.
  • The depth of the device is 2.75″.
  • Moreover, the guitar has dark violin sunburst gloss finish. 


The abalone dot makers of GA35TCE keep the fingerboard looking very clean while still gives you good guidance. The tuners look real and are very stable which keeps the tuning on the pitch. The built in tuner of Ibanez works well for when you need to tune. The neck and body are shiny, but it does not give you thick or sticky feeling.

The guitar has a slight sound that projects well despite the thin body. The balance between the registers of this guitar is good. The dynamics of the guitar are a bit confusing by the light body and the cutaway. It is not a bad sound, just very rounded. The electronics do a good job with enough ability to sculpt out a sound that fits the room. This acoustic guitar is the perfect classical guitar for the electric player that wants to dabble in the sound and style of a classical.

This guitar is the perfect thinline classical guitar for the electric player who intends to dabble in the sound and style of a classical.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Ibanez GA35TCE Guitar

Here are some of the benefits and drawbacks of the Ibanez GA35TCE guitar in the below section. So, have a quick look at them. Ibanez GA35TCE



  • The abalone fret markers give you an excellent touch.
  • It has a thin and narrow neck which makes electric players find comfortable.
  • It has an excellent electronics.


  • It has a neck dive issues.
  • There is no case included with the price of the guitar.

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