Lucero LC100CE Cool Acoustic Guitar Buy Online Review (2018)

Lucero LC100CE Cool Acoustic Guitar Buy Online Review (2018)

Lucero Acoustic Guitar: The Lucero LC100CE has a very good acoustic sound, and electronics that match the price tag. This Cool Acoustic Guitar has some outboard gear which will improve the plugged in sound, but all-in-all a good guitar for the price. The LC100CE is an entry-level instrument that serves its purpose well. You can enjoy the addition of electronics and a cutaway with a mind to perform live no matter the size of the room.

Lucero LC100CE – Cool Acoustic Guitar Review (2018)

Cool Acoustic Guitar


As it all depends upon your style, two LC100s for you – a normally completed model or a keen polished dark form. Whatever colour you go for, the LC100 flaunts immortal looks, with a conventional non-cutaway body shape, 25.5″ scale length, and an appealing rosette. The Cool Acoustic Guitar includes some fair woods, despite the fact that the body is made totally out of covers. The best is made with covered spruce, while the back and sides are overlaid mahogany, all completed in a polished. Joining the body at the twelfth fuss is a mahogany neck, including a rosewood fretboard fitted with 18 fretts.


The LC100CE has inactive gadgets with an under the seat piezo pickup. There are just two controls a volume slider and a tone slider. A solitary lash catch on the lower session additionally goes about as the yield for the pickup. The Cool Acoustic Guitar is chrome designed. The tuning machines are 3 in-accordance with pearloid keys. They sit on the opened headstock.


Cool Acoustic Guitar

The LC100CE by Lucero is a nylon string established guitar. The best is overlay spruce with cover mahogany back and sides. It is a full sized instrument with a scale length of 648mm (25.5″), which is marginally littler than a standard established at 650mm. The body incorporates a cutaway for simpler access to the higher fusses.

The mahogany neck appends to the body with a dovetail joint at the twelfth fuss. The fingerboard is rosewood. The neck includes a truss pole, which is surprising for a traditional instrument. There are 18 fretts and the neck sweep is level. There are side dab trims at the fifth, seventh, and ninth fusses to help explore through the music.

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Fortunately the LC100 sounds like a traditional guitar should, and the tone confronts other likewise valued models from the greater brands. It’s worthy out of the crate, yet when the strings have been changed the LC100 demonstrates better lucidity, more character and great warmth, thanks to a limited extent to the mahogany back and sides. At last it’s useful for a wide range of traditional music and fingerstyle pieces, with a lot of projection.


With such a pleasant body, the equipment of the LC100 lets it down a bit, as everything feels somewhat modest. On the opened headstock sit six open-outfit chrome tuners, which have plastic tuning keys. These can hold your tuning generally well, in spite of the fact that are very firm to use and don’t feel especially powerful. There’s a rosewood connect, which house a plastic seat, while the nut is likewise plastic. Not incredible materials, but rather extremely proper for this spending business sector and they carry out the occupation. At long last, the strings the guitar accompanies are usable out of the case, however you’re playing and tone would profit by changing these really not long after


This is a full-sized Cool Acoustic Guitar with a generally wide established neck so it is not for genuine youthful players. The hardware are inactive so there is no battery. The drawback of this acoustic guitar is that the output is low.  Try not to hope to have the capacity to do excessively chiseling with the tone control, it goes from dull and sloppy to trebly and brutal without much in the middle.

The acoustic sound is a warm delicate sound. The cutaway and light weight detract from the projection, which is a disgrace since it is a decent sounding guitar at the cost. The tonal adjust weighs toward the treble end, yet not awfully so. There are neck jump issues because of the cutaway and truss bar.


  • Good tonal quality if a bit on the quiet side.
  • Cutaway gives easier access to higher strings.
  • Comes with pickup with tone and volume controls.


  • Passive electronics are quiet without a powered preamp.
  • Strings are of poor quality.

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