Luna Fauna Phoenix Review 2018 | Best Buy Acoustic Guitar

Luna Fauna Phoenix Review 2018 – Best Buy Acoustic Guitar

Luna Guitar: Luna Guitars is one of the greatest distinguishing instrument which attracts your eyeball with its stunning look. It is very simple, yet a powerful driving force. Luna Guitar is sure to deliver genuine luxury and playability in its range, while keeping excellence and affordability at an optimum level. This guitar will turn heads of audiences whatever stage it appears on.

Luna Guitar – Fauna Phoenix Review

Luna Guitar


The onboard pre-amp has a phase button, three tone controls (bass, middle, and treble), a built-in tuner and volume control. The tuner’s display is with three LEDs, they are red-green-red. The red LEDs are to let you know whether the string is flat or sharp. And then the green thrills in when you are in harmony. It has XLR outputs and ¼”. There is a choice to complement a USB output for recording purposes.

The tuners are very solid which are flat-nickel. It has a compensated saddle to help with pitch. You will not get case along with the guitar’s price.

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Luna Guitar


To attract attention Luna Guitar have a great design. The rosette is abalone, and is the company’s distinguishing semicircular moon logo. The abalone theme is sustained with the moon segment fret markers and the Luna logo on the headstock. The body’s top is spruce and the back and sides are mahogany. They have a paint in glossy black. The mahogany neckline is also dyed to suit the body with a special design neckline profile. This is on the thin side also with a 1 5/8” nut.

The rosewood is the usage for 20-fret fretboard and the end of it curves around the sound hole. The bridge is also of rosewood to suit the fretboard. The general size cutaway body is very small. This brands the Phoenix prodigious for fresher and smaller size guitarists, but it is still a standard scale length at 25 ½”.

Luna Guitar


The instrument’s sound output attempts more willingly towards mid and high ends, due to its glittery, twangy fauna. Tuning up the bass supports in re-forming some flat low ends, however it is not obviously built for it. The onboard tuner is a substantial addition, redesigning your sound as you see suitable at will.

The Luna Guitar playability impeccably displays the manufacturers’ care to detail and level of skill. You can easily play it out for more time on end without drifting out of tune or feeling uneasiness. The action is set at an optimum level.


The smaller size of the Phoenix brands it less than necessary as a stand-alone acoustic. You have to plug it for amplification. This leads you for a biggest problem with this guitar. The electronics are just sufficient. A little less abalone and a better preamp would style this a better gadget.

Because the guitar looks phenomenal need not blame anyone to buy this guitar. It’s design is part of a live performance which has a visual element. You can fix the usual thin sound of the Phoenix with the right sound gear.

  • Beautiful use of abalone.
  • Petite size will appeal to smaller framed players.
  • Many output choices (XLR and ¼”) especially if the USB option is available.
  • Available in a left-handed version.
  • Thin unplugged sound.
  • Higher end onboard preamp would be a major improvement.
  • Case is sold separately.

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