Martin Ed Sheeran X Review 2018 – Buy Online

Martin Ed Sheeran X Review 2018 – Buy Online

Martin Guitar: Designed in collaboration with the team at Martin Guitar, the Ed Sheeran X Signature Edition is the second Signature Artist Edition. This Martin Guitar is from multi-platinum singer-cum-songwriter and Martin Ambassador Ed Sheeran. This edition features Ed’s Signature “X” (multiply) sign on the headstock and down the fretboard. On a solid spruce wood top, the six times platinum-selling albums logo is inlay in solid koa. With Fishman Isys T electronics,  this model comes stage-ready furnished. Further it comes with SP Lifespan Martin strings and a padded gig bag.

Martin Guitar – Ed Sheeran X Review

Martin Guitar


This Martin Guitar is the second Signature Artist Edition which is a limited edition model that Ed uses himself on stage, which you can see in concerts. Factory installation comes with two black strap buttons. To last as a long, Black Martin die-cast tuners have in-case gears which have permanent lubrication.

The Isys T model has onboard Fishman electronics. The controls are a contour switch for EQ, phase switch, and a volume knob. There is also a built-in tuner. Battery access is available on the lower bout just below the strap button or output jack. This guitar is also available in a left-handed model.

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Martin Guitar


What it makes sense is the at an affordable price Martin Ed Sheeran X, includes a gig. Martin calls the body a improved O, which is three-quarter size with a 23” scale length. Non-scalloped “X” if for the bracing. All with a hand polished satin finish, Martin Guitar has a solid spruce top with a solid koa “X” inlay. Multi-ply signs that match Ed’s album are in the design feature across the entire guitar.

Sides and back are High Pressure Laminate (HPL) koa decorated. The top has a slant edge with no binding and no rosette around the soundhole. In an improved low oval brown birch laminate is the usage to make the neck. It uses wood fragments, which makes it a forest friendly design. With 20 frets and a 1.69” wide black corian nut, the fingerboard is a make from FSC certified richlite.

As Richlite is made from wood pulp and resin, hence it looks like ebony. At positions 3, 5, 7, 9 you can find Neon green ABS “X” fret symbols, and a double “X” at 12.At the 14th fret, a tenon and mortise neck joint attaches the neck to the body. FSC certified richlite is the usage for the bridge, as like for the fingerboard. To work well with pickups the saddle has a make of black tusq. The black motif continues with the bridge pins.

Martin Guitar


A small guitar, Martin’s Ed Sheeran signature model X is built to Ed’s specifications. It is distinguishing in its look and its sound. As it is travel size instrument you can play on any stage whether it is big or small. The sound matches the smaller body, but with the distinguishing Martin warmth. With a punch in the tone guitar has a crispness and sufficient snap. The midrange and highs are the dominate tones.

The Fishman Isys T sounds good, but has limit in tone control. A 3-band EQ or tone knob is a contour switch that either exposes or highlights the midrange.


With almost ukulele sized proportions, this is a small guitar. Because of it’s size the neck becomes heavy in comparison. Hence there are few neck dive issues. Preference is for more control to carve out the sound. But it is a signature model that matches a certain performer’s sound.

As like most signature models, the price is more with the available electronics and appointments. The name and characteristic appearance are the point of such acoustic guitars.

  • Portable size with included gig bag for easy travel purposes.
  • Distinctive look with Ed’s “X” all over the design.
  • Plenty of forest friendly materials used in the construction.
  • Limited tone control on the Fishman Isys T system.
  • Smaller body gives in a small sounding tone.

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