Martin LX1 Little Martin Review (2018) – Buyers’ Guide

Martin LX1 Little Martin Review: Here is the complete review of Martin LX1 Little Martin Guitars. The Martin LX1 Little Martin is one of the smallest guitars, but it provides the big tone. The quality and the versatility of the Martin LX1 Little Martin is very excellent. It is ideal for travel and people can easily practice, or they can play around the house or campfire. It is not a type of brand, and you can also associate with the greatly affordable instruments. This Martin LX1, Little Martin model, has the sustainable wood certifies parts. Martin has used the mostly artificial materials to design this Martin LX1 Little Martin. People can read this entire articles for the complete Martin LX1 Little Martin Review.

Martin LX1 Little Martin Review


Martin LX1 Little Martin Review

Martin LX1 Little Martin Guitar comes with the small size and largely sized players. And Martin LX1 Little Martin is the best guitar who want to use the guitar for traveling. It is very comfortable to use. Before purchasing the Martin LX1 Little Martin guitar, people must know the Martin LX1 Little Martin Reviews. It is very simple to understand, and it gives the satisfactory performance to the users. People can check the Martin LX1 Little Martin Review and features from the below sections. And it provides the best advantages to the users.

Design of the Martin LX1 Little Martin

LXI is also called as the Little Martine, and it modified the body style up to 14 feet, and it comes with the steel strings. Martin LX1 Little Martin has a solid Sitka Spruce top with the non collapsed X-bracing. And it comes with the high pressure laminate (HPL) with the pattern of mahogany. The length of the Martin LX1 Little Martin is short, i.e., 584mm (23″). Mortise and tenon neck joint are present in the rust birch laminate. And the neck joins to the body at 14th feet. It has a 20 fret fingerboard which comes with the FSC certified Richlite, and it also modified in the low oval profile.

The headstock veneer comes with the appearance of rosewood and the logo of Martin LX1 is comes with the gold script ink. The bridge of Mertine LX 1 has certified with Richlite which is compensated with a saddle of TUSQ, and it has a 16″ radius.

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Martin LX1 Little Martin Review

Martin LX1 Little Martin Features

Here are the features of the Martine LX1. Before purchasing any product, people must know the features of the product. That is the reason why here I have updated the Martin LX1 Little Martin Features.

  • Mant forest friendly materials are used to design this Martine LX1.
  • The Richlite of the Martine LX1 makes up the bridge and fingerboard which is made with the wood pulp and resin.
  • The neck is made of the laminate from materials, and the tuning machine has enclosed with the ratio of 14:1.
  • And the neck of the Martine LX 1 do not have the fret markers, but it contains the side dots.
  • It has the total length 864mm 381mm of body length. And it comes with the 305mm body width 76.2mm body depth.
  • The gig bag comes with the front pocket for storing the music or accessories.

Martin LX1 Little Martin – Performance

The price of the Martin LX1 is over 300 dollars At this price point, it is not a big deal. It is a small guitar and most of the people like this Martin LX1 because of its size. And it is very comfortable to the users. The size of the Martin LX1 is excellent for young players and very small for adults. Many people have impressed with the sound of the Martin LX1 guitar. The voice of the Martin LX1 does not match with the body size. The performance of the Martin LX1 guitar is very excellent.


  • It has a very good bass response from such a small instrument.
  • It is made from the forest friendly materials.
  • And it also includes the gig bag in the price.


  • It Does not balance the full-size instruments.


Martine LX1 comes with the surprising tone and some people feel awkward of its size. And it is a very perfect for the young players. Martine LX1 is very useful for traveling.

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