Mitchell MD100 Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar Natural – Review of 2018

Mitchel MD100 Guitar: Mitchell Guitars have provided the quality acoustic guitars for players of all the levels. It is one of the full sized dreadnoughts. Mitchel MD100 Guitar has a spruce top and mahogany back and sides which produce the rich low end and also good highs and mids. An overall balanced version and tone across the frequency range and it is also a very well-built and excellent sounding guitar.

It helps so excellently for the entry-level players and a decent price. So who are started or very interested in playing the guitars will go for this Mitchell Guitars. It is one of the instruments that will get you going on your way without much of confusion.

Mitchel MD100 Guitar

Review of Mitchel MD100 Guitar 2017

Mitchel MD 100 – Design 

It is very strictly acoustic steel string guitar, and the body style was the DreadNought. The Mitchel MD 100 has a laminated spruce top with the standard X-bracing. The Guitar MD 100 sides and back of are laminate mahogany. Having the white binding borders in the top and back with the matching heel cap. The scale length of the Mitchel is the 648 mm that is approximately 25.5”.

Mitchel MD100 Guitar

The neck of the Mitchel is the Mahogany, and it is the bound of the Indian rosewood fingerboard. There are having the 20 frets with the 14 clear of the body. It has the large pearl dot inlays. The plastic nut has a width of the 43mm, and it is approximately 1.69”. The neck joins to the body with a dovetail neck joint.

The front face of the headstock is painted with the black, and the Mitchell name is in the gold color. The Guitar bridge is made of the rosewood, and it has the plastic compensated saddle. The rosette has the two concentric circles surrounding an abalone ring. It has the black pickguard to protect the high gloss polyurethane finish.

Features of the Mitchel MD 100 Guitar

  • There is the single black plastic strap button on the lower bout of the Mitchel Guitar.
  • If you want to put the strap on the Mitchel Guitar, you will have to install the button or tie the other side of your belt of the headstock.
  • The guitar having the six chrome die-cast tuners and performs the dual action truss rod that is accessible through the soundhole and the bridge pins are black plastic.
  • The dimensions of the body are the width of the upper bout is the 289mm, i.e.,11.375”.
  • The width of the upper bout is 391mm, i.e.,15.375” and the depth of the round is 121mm, i.e.,4.75”.
  • There is no case included the price of the guitar and the standard size, and the body shape is finding a case should not be a problem.
  • There is also one of the version called the MD100PK that comes with a gig bag, extra strings, picks, and DVD

Mitchel MD 100 Guitar – Performance

The look of the Mitchel MD100 Guitar was good ordinary and the price range that is the standard. The abalone rosette is beautiful though, and it is the standout aesthetic of the guitar. The action of the guitar was little high and beautiful of playing the open chords, but once you started the venturing further out on the neck, it became harder to fret the strings. The dots on the fingerboard would be good for the first time for the player to help them keep track where they are in the neck. Tuners felt a little loose and held the tunning.

Mitchel MD100 Guitar

The neck overall felt sturdy and beefy. The gloss finishes and slows down movement of the neck. The overall sound was not bad, but it did distort when played hard, and the fingerpicked, or if strummed lightly you could avoid the distorting quality. It would be enough to get the anyone up and running and not bother to buy it as beater guitar. The sound is too limiting for anyone who wanted to play with dynamics.


  • Gorgeous abalone rosette.
  • Large pearl dot inlays for easy navigation on the neck.
  • The neck felt nice and beefy


  • Sound distorted when played hard.
  • No case included the guitar.


We conclude that the as a beginner to play the guitar the MD 100 does a good job. It is not the instrument that a long time player would find much use for and not target the market for this guitar.

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