Oscar Schmidt OC11CE Review of 2018 – Electric Guitar

The Washburn acquires you, and the Oscar Schmidt made some of the kind of interesting acoustic guitars. They are not one of the top tier brands on the market and having the own specialty with never failures. It is the affordable range where the Oscar Schmidt delivers their best work. Oscar Schmidt OC11CE Guitar is the whole lot of the guitar for not a lot of money. An amplified classical guitar with a cutout at the price whose features are very rarely found and one of the best bangs for the buck models and comes to the acoustic electric guitars. It is the student model classical guitar that can plug in and offers a playability of the classical guitar with the cutaway and a preamp.

Oscar Schmidt OC11CE Guitar

Oscar Schmidt OC11CE Guitar – The Hidden Gem Of The Entry-Level

It is one of the classical nylon guitars and having the electronics on board so that you can plug into an amp or mixing board. The body has the cutaway for the easier access to the higher end of the fretboard. All laminate guitar has select the spruce top and the Sapele sides and back. Decorative top binding borders the classic shape and full sized instrument with a scale length of 650mm, i.e., 29.6”.

Oscar Schmidt OC11CE Guitar

The rose wood fingerboard cuts a mahogany neck, and there are 19 nickel silver frets. There are a side dot fret markets to help the guide and play on the 3rd,5th,7th,9th, and 12th frets. The nut width 52mm and made up of the synthetic bone. The slotted headstock has the Oscar Schmidt by Washburn silk screened. It had the rosewood bridge and topped with the synthetic bone saddle. The rosette of the guitar is a decal. It has the black binding on the top and back of the body with matching heel cap.

Features of Oscar Schmidt OC11CE Guitar

  • The preamp is an EQ-505R that has a three band volume, battery, and check button.
  • The battery door for the 9 volts is right with the controls.
  • It does not have the tuner,
  • The output is on the guitar lower bout is the same location that you would normally find an electric guitar.
  • The Piezo pickup is located under the saddle.
  • It is standard with the most classical guitars, and there are no strap buttons.
  • It comes with the cable and a hex wrench.
  • Having the color of gold with the pearloid button tuners.
  • It comes in natural with the high gloss finish.
  • There is also a version of the guitar without the electronics called the OC11.
  • Sapele is the fast growing replacement wood for the mahogany.
  • The two kinds of wood are very similar with the sapele having a more treble presence.
  • There is no include the price of the guitar.
  • Having the standard size and the body.

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Oscar Schmidt OC11CE Guitar – Performance

Classical guitars are called for their wide necks, and the OC11CE neck is slightly larger than the norm and the fact in mind if you are buying. The guitar will need to setup before taken home. There is an odor coming from the guitar probably from the glue. The sound is the sort of the pedestrian and not of a lot of depth or breadth to the notes. The electronics are the fine for translating the guitar voice to the speakers. The three band allow for the plenty of sculpting to find the right sound and the lack of the tuner might bother some players and good clip on tuner is better than the most of the tuners.

Oscar Schmidt OC11CE Guitar


  • Electronics on the guitar was an affordable guitar.
  • The Cutaway opens up the higher end of the neck.
  • Comes guitar with a cable to plug-in.


  • Chemical odor was emanating from the soundhole.
  • Frets will need to be dressed before playing


The Oscar Schmidt OC11CE offers the electronics at an affordable price and good for the beginners. The student model for an experienced guitarist and too many features for the beginners.

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