Oscar Schmidt OG2SM Ultimate Guide Review (2018)

Oscar Schmidt OG2SM Ultimate Guide Review (2018)

Oscar Schmidt OG2SM: The Oscar Schmidt OG2SM is a featured acoustic guitar manufactured with utmost care. This is not your average acoustic guitar, each one separately hand tested before release to ensure ultimate playability and flawless intonation. They are famous for packing premium woods and immaculate sound quality in guitars accessible to everyone.

Oscar Schmidt OG2SM – Review

Oscar Schmidt OG2SM


The guitar’s profound battleship shape bolsters magnificent acoustic reverberation and a wide cluster of tones available to you. The body has a select spruce best and catalpa sides and back with a delightful polished complete the process of, adjusting off this white magnificence’s body.You will like the agreeable neck made of greetings quality mahagony, it enables simple access to its worries and wonderful playing solace. Likewise, the neck has a completely customizable truss bar. The rosewood fingerboard is fixed with 20 worries and white dab trims.


Spalt maple gets its unmistakable look because of contagious development on dead trees. The Oscar Schmidt OG2SM models are available in regular, dark, white, straightforward red, straightforward blue, fire yellow sunburst, fire dark cherry, and spalted maple. There are some slight contrasts to the highlights of every guitar relying upon the shading. There is a form of the OG2SM that has a maple fretboard (OG2MFSM). The normal variation is likewise accessible in a left-gave show.

The OG2SM has chrome pass on cast tuners with 13:1 proportion. It likewise accompanies a truss pole torque to modify the neck. Every guitar accompanies a lifetime guarantee. There is no case incorporated into the cost of the guitar.

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Oscar Schmidt OG2SM

Oscar Schmidt is a piece of the Washburn line of instruments. The OG2 is their entrance level man of war acoustic stage. The OG2SM is the spalt maple top adaptation of that guitar. It has standard X-supporting underneath the best. Cover catalpa make up the back and sides. The neck is mahogany with a rosewood fingerboard. It joins to the body at the fourteenth worry. There are 20 worries with white dab trim markers. A completely flexible truss pole will keep the neck straight and genuine, and it is available through the soundhole.

The OG2SM has an engineered bone nut and seat. The extension has Oscar Schmidt’s unmistakable look and is made of rosewood. It has white scaffold pins to grapple the strings. The tortoise designed pickguard is additionally in the organization’s unmistakable shape. The guitar has a polished wrap up.


The cover combo of Maple/Mahogany yields a sound-related medicine that consolidates best of the two universes – the reasonable and very much characterized tones of maple and the smooth, smooth low and mid-tones of mahogany. With the additional lucidity and nibble of the Maple. Additionally the Rosewood fingerboard and scaffold adds to the blend, also, adding shine and airiness to the warm completion of the body.

In addition, it’s ready to hold the tune even following two or three hours of maintained playing. However you ought to consider tuning it week after week on the off chance that you demand rehearsing day by day with it. It’s optimal for learners, both the individuals who are quite recently going for the looks and the individuals who are not kidding in their expectations.


The guitar’s profound man of war shape bolsters sublime acoustic reverberation and a wide exhibit of tones available to you. The body has a select spruce best and catalpa sides and back with a delightful polished get done with, adjusting off this white excellence’s body. You will like the adjustable neck made of howdy quality mahagony, it enables simple access to its fusses and eminent playing solace. Also, the neck has a completely movable truss pole. The rosewood fingerboard is fixed with 20 fretts and white spot trims.


The manufacturing plant tests every acoustic guitar before they deliver it out, however it is not necessarily the case that something won’t occur amid delivery or while on the divider at the store. This is a full measured instrument so more youthful or little confined players will observe this to be excessively guitar. Given the value point the guitar is great.

The activity is low and the neck has a pleasant vibe. The sound of the OG2SM is brilliant with singular string clearness. However It does not have the tonal profundity of a guitar with strong woods, yet it is an exceptionally decent basic sound. This guitar can get noisy. Tuning solidness is very great.


  • Each guitar looks unique with the spalted top.
  • Bright sound with good string clarity.
  • Good tuning stability with 13:1 ratio tuners.
  • Includes a lifetime warranty.


  • No case included with the guitar.

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