Rise by Sawtooth Electric Guitar Pack Review (2018)

Rise by Sawtooth Electric Guitar Pack Review (2018)

Sawtooth Guitar: Yes, Available at lesser than $100 price, the product comes with a full size, playable electric guitar, an amplifier, and accessories. Whereas Sawtooth Guitar is not a well-known in the world of guitar, for the price available, you have to check it for once.

Sawtooth Guitar – Rise Electric Guitar Pack Review (2018)

Sawtooth Guitar


As expected the Sawtooth Guitar in this package is very basic at its price. However, it has no compromise at its functionality and playability, offering itself very well to complete learners. In spite of the price, it’s a full-size guitar. Although be alert that a 3/4 size is also available on the market, hence make sure to purchase the exact size for you. The guitar is modest in appearance, with a solid basswood body, double cutaway with a 25.5” scale length. There are a bolt-on maple neckline and a maple fretboard; this features 21 frets and black dot inlays. There is only one pickup, and that is a humbucker at the bridge spot.

Even though it is not that versatile, it offers nice guitar voice. Additionally, it comes with a master tone control knob in chrome, single master volume and which feel solid enough. As there is no whammy bar, there is also an adaptable fixed bridge. For the price tag, you may expect that there is no choice of colors. But this package is existing with either a black or a sunburst guitar. All in all, although it is not perfect, it senses sturdy enough, looks decent, and offers great worth.

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Sawtooth Guitar


The amp is not that special in this budget package, but it is still good for the price. A 10 watt, Sawtooth-branded model, gain, with controls for volume, treble, middle, and bass. There’s also a push button to pick one among fresh and overdrive. Sawtooth Guitar is not predominantly flamboyant, and there’s some insignificant background buzz, but you cannot imagine excellence.

For a learner, it is acceptable and will let you exercise with no glitches. There is even a headphone jack for quiet rehearsal, which is vigorous for learners.

Sawtooth Guitar


In addition to your Sawtooth Guitar and amp, it also offers you many accessories. A strap, a branded gig bag, lead, pitch pipe, plectrums, and an online lesson. The lead and strap are cheap and delicate, so you may have to replace them soon. The bag is also not that better, with no stuffing. The pitch pipe works satisfactorily. But a digital tuner is not a decent investment, exclusively for more contemporary tuning styles.


Together, the guitar and amp work nicely, even though a better-quality lead helps you to sort out any unnecessary buzzing. You may not discover a full sound from the amp. As the guitar is the best match for practicing, the full sound may not be useful. However, it is possible to get some distortion through the overdrive setting.

As a very economical, mass-produced guitar that may comprise a couple of strident frets or fret buzz, it will take a little setting up out of the box. However, guidelines over the internet or a trip to your local electric guitar store may support you to sort this out. If you are aiming for precision, Rise by Sawtooth package may disappoint you. Indeed, you will discover decent value.


  • An unbelievably ultra-low price.
  • A good-looking guitar.
  • Convenient, with everything you need to get you playing.


  • The strap and lead will need replacing.
  • The bag has no padding.
  • The amp is very basic. Not much versatility with the single humbucker.

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