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Seagull Excursion Grand SG parlor size guitar is great fun to play and produces a surprisingly big sound for a small package. The electronics with built-in tuner make this little performer a stage hit no matter what the venue size. It was not prepared to be so blown away by the Seagull Excursion Natural Grand SG Guitar, and the parlor guitars are not my thing. The simple dresses and inexpensively priced which usually does not bode well.

Seagull Excursion Natural Grand SG Guitar

Seagull Excursion Natural Grand SG Guitar Acoustic – Design

The Seagull Grand SG is the part of the seagull’s excursion series. It is the steel string parlor sized acoustic and electric. The Canadian built guitar is made of laminate with the wild cherry for the back, top, and sides. The three ply laminate the real hardwood. There is no binding, and there is a heel cap and has the semi-gloss finish. It has the silver leaf maple integrated with the set neck with the slim seagull design. The fingerboard is rosewood with the 21 frets. The dot inlays are the 3rd,5th,7th,9th, and 12th frets.

Seagull Excursion Natural Grand SG Guitar

There is the double function truss rod with the help to maintain the trueness of the neck. The nut increased by the Graph Tech with the width of 43.7mm, i.e.,1.72”. The neck attaches to the body at the 14th fret which is rare for the parlor sized guitar. The bridge is made of the rosewood, and the saddle is compensated and made of the TUSQ. The rosette is a burn stamp that is declaring the guitar, and the proud Canadian heritage and the scale length is the 631mm, i.e., 24.84”.

Features of Seagull Excursion Guitar

  • Except for all the Indian rosewood, all the woods are from the Canada in Quebec area.
  • The electronics are the Fishman Isys and pre amp and Sonicare pickup.
  • There are the Knobs for the bass, volume, and treble.
  • A phase switch is available for the combating feedback issues.
  • Having the low battery indicator and built in the tuner has a seven segment LED display.
  • The output of the battery door located on the bottom of the lower bout.
  • The 9-volt battery will give you about the 111 hours of life to the guitar.
  • It has the single strap button and six die cast chrome tuners
  • The tapering of the guitar headstock makes the tuning more stable by the strings that reach the nut with a straighter line.
  • The Seagull acoustic guitars have composed curved top. The top of the curved and the above sound hole near the neck to allow for greater integrity using the less wood to inhibit the sound.
  • Measurements for the guitar having the upper bout of 236mm, i.e.,9.28” and the lower bout of 330mm, i.e.,13” and the waist of the 187mm, i.e., 7.35” and the body depth of the 107mm i.e,4.2” and the body length of the 465mm, i.e., 18.3”.
  • The case has sold separately.

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Performance of Seagull Excursion Natural Grand SG Guitar

Some of the great people have played the quite a few cheap guitars and also one of the cheap instrument. The Seagull Excursion Natural Grand SG Guitar is inexpensive and but it feels expensive. The look of the guitar is beautiful and showing off all the wood grain. The burn stamped rosette, and it is a very cool way to give a guitar and a rosette without looking cheap. The Styling wise like the burn stamped rosette, and it is a very cool way to give the guitar rosette without looking cheap. Styling wise the guitar is pitch perfect. The performance of the neck is not as substantial as on the most of the Seagulls.

Seagull Excursion Natural Grand SG Guitar

The smaller size of the body will feel comfortable to small framed players. This guitar tends towards the bright side, and it is not a biting as maple. The parlor body gives the brilliant and punchy sound with the excellent projection. The Fishman Isys is the perfect electronics system and added the bonus to fatten up the natural sound of the sized parlor body. If you want to decide to go with the strictly acoustic version you could even get the guitar for less than 300 Dollars.


  • Simple yet elegant styling.
  • The bright and punchy sound that is well balanced.
  • Excellent electronics.
  • Very affordable and Canadian built.


  • Does not include a case.


The Seagull Grand SG is probably one of the best low-cost guitars and excellent opportunity to learn the beginners. Perfect either as a first guitar or a traveling companion for an experienced player.

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