Takamine GD20-NS Review 2018 | Acoustic Guitar

Takamine GD20-NS Review 2018 – Acoustic Guitar

Takamine Guitar: The sophisticated looking Takamine GD20-NS is a guitar which certainly has a warm and attractive tone. This Takamine Guitar plays effortlessly with an easy and fast neck. It looks distinguished from the rest with its cedar top and user-friendly pin-less bridge.

Takamine Guitar GD20-NS Review

Takamine Guitar


The bridge is a pin-less design, which is one of the appreciating features. A pin-less bridge means it has no bridge pins to drop or break when you change the strings. The saddle is of Takamine’s split, hence the high E and B are on their own to give improved pitch. The Takamine Guitar GD20-NS comes strung with D’addario EXP16 coated phosphor bronze strings. The build has two chrome-plated strap buttons. The neckline has a truss rod that is nearby the soundhole.

There is a smaller bodied variant that uses Takamine’s NEX body style, with a title GN20-NS. This is a good substitute for players who want the warmth of the cedar or mahogany combination, but it is not the large dreadnought body. Both body types are available in cutaway varieties which are loaded with electronics. Case is not part in the price tag of the guitar. Hence you have to purchase it separately.

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Takamine Guitar


Strictly, Takamine Guitar GD20-NS is a acoustic dreadnought style guitar. Generally back and sides come with spruce/rosewood combination. But this guitar deviates from the norm with a solid cedar top and mahogany back and sides. The X-bracing is quarter sawn wood. Multi-ply crème and black binding describe the body and its usual satin finish.

With a 12” radius, C-shaped neck is slender and also has a satin finish. The rosewood fingerboard has pearloid dot inlays, 20 frets, and a nut width of 42.8mm. Synthetic materials are used for nut. The scale measurement is 25.3”. Rosewood overlay covers the headstock with only the Takamine name written on it and on chrome die-cast tuners as well. The neckline is attached to the body with conventional dovetail neck joint at the 14th fret.

There are wood actions to offer the guitar a sophisticated look. So this is how maple heel cap, rosewood rosette, and the rosewood headstock overlay. Rosewood bridge contains a synthetic saddle.

Takamine Guitar


Earlier Takamine Guitar had issues with the GD-330. Hence it has decided to upgrade the existing platform and solve all of the glitches which affected this lightweight dreadnought. So, GD-20 is the result of that effort. With a denser cedar top, the new design guitar was able to clear up the tone considerably. Further it has got better intonation. Whether you prefer finger picking or strumming, GD-20 guarantees to keep up. With the crispy trebles and warmth it offers punches way above its price range in terms of tone.


Cedar is a warm sounding wood. Main drawback of the guitar is that you cannot play as loud as a spruce topped instrument. However, you can play fairly hard before the sound starts to break-up. Warmth is the asset about the tone of the GD20-NS. The sound is smooth, and each string rings with clarity. It is a smooth instrument that certainly attracts singer or songwriter. It can even suits best for those who are looking for a diverse voice in a range full of spruce topped acoustics.

The satin finish on the neckline styles traveling along it calm as you capture notes and chords. The slenderness of its shape keeps hand exhaustion at bay while you practice.

  • Warm tone that is evenly balanced across all the strings.
  • Refined looks that use wood to accent.
  • Pin-less bridge makes string changes a breeze.
  • Comfortable and fast neck.
  • Case is not included in the cost of the guitar.

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