Takamine GD30CE-NAT Review 2018

Takamine’s GD30CE-NAT Review 2018

Takamine Guitars: Available at an affordable price Takamine’s GD30CE-NAT is an electric/acoustic guitar. Takamine Guitars has a clear positive sound that gets rendered well by the onboard preamp. The GD30CE is a stageworthy acoustic/electric dreadnought guitar that features solid-top construction. It has a soft Venetian-style cutaway and a superior-sounding Takamine electronics system.

Takamine Guitars –  GD30CE-NAT Review

Takamine Guitars


The Takamine Guitars GD30CE-NAT is loaded with TP-4TD electronics with three-band EQ, a built-in tuner, and gain control. This is Takamine’s own branded electronics, only to find on their guitars. For an easy access battery box the controls are set forward on the top bout of the guitar. The tuner is very precise and you will get ready to play swiftly out of the box. To help save your 9-volt battery budget, it will also turn itself off when not used. The pickup is situated under the saddle.

Takamines have a fragmented saddle that splits the unwound from the wound strings. This design is for better pitch. In order to offer a smooth movement around the stage design is with two chrome plated strap buttons. This guitar comes in three models: a left-handed model (GD30CELH-NAT), a black finish (GD30CE-BLK), and a 12-string model (GD30CE-NAT12). You have to buy the case separately.

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Takamine Guitars


The GD30CE-NAT is from the Takamine’s G-Series which are known as quality entry-level instruments. With a soft Venetian-style cutaway, a solid spruce top with mahogany back and sides make up the dreadnought body shape. The body has a 25.3” scale length and a 4” depth.

Quarter-sawn X-bracing is as a support to project the sound and strengthen the structure. The top of the GD30CE-NAT has a plain black pickguard, pin-less rosewood bridge, and a pearloid rosette. The body has gloss finish and a black binding that displays off the mahogany and spruce.

The mahogany neckline is slender with a satin finish and 20 frets. Further it has 1.6875” wide synthetic bone nut. With a 12” radius, tops with a rosewood fingerboard, and decorated with pearloid dots. Rosewood caps the headstock with six die-cast chrome tuners. Takamine guitars come with asymmetrical necks. Necks are thinner on the bass strings with C-shape. However, they are to fit a player’s hand better.

Takamine Guitars


Whether you plug it or not the GD30CE-NAT sounds decent. It has a positive sound with a subdue bass resonance, but all with snap sufficiency. The sound cuts over the mix of a band to add acoustic goodness for any song. The GD30CE features a solid spruce top it is ready for any concert situation. It has Mahogany back and sides that yield a rich, reverberating sound. The slender mahogany neckline and 12”-radius rosewood finger-board deliver prodigious feel and playability. Whereas the onboard Takamine TP-4TD preamp bounces you a built-in tuner with three-band EQ and gain controls for outstanding amplified performance.


Strings come with D’Addario EXP bronze coat, and these compromise with stellar strings. For a better playing experience, it is better to replace them as soon as possible. The pin-less bridge will make this modification very calm without having to arrangement with bridge pins. This is an outstanding feature that is always a plus. A cut-away affects the sound of a dreadnought body, so if you are looking for a pure dreadnought quality need not look at it. The access to the advanced frets is worth the small compromise of a pure dreadnought quality.

  • Quick string changes with pin-less bridge.
  • Electronics capture the natural sound of the guitar very well.
  • Comfortable neck that is fast, the body cut-away allows access to higher frets.
  • Shipped with poor quality strings.
  • Case is sold separately.

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