Taylor Guitars Big Baby Taylor Review (2018) | Go Campfire

Taylor Guitars Big Baby Taylor Review (2018) – Go Campfire

Taylor’s Guitar: The Big Baby Taylor is somewhat lesser in size than a full-size dreadnought offering you a great Taylor Guitar to carry especially on vacation. It offers a sound that excels its smaller size with sufficient volume to retain everybody singing around the campfire.

Taylor Guitar – Big Baby Taylor Review

Taylor Guitar


The Taylor Guitar BBT is a good-looking guitar. It falls into the category of travel or back-up guitar or as a new player’s first guitar. All the portions of the BBT are manufactured in the USA and assembled in Mexico. The fitting and finish are worthy of the Taylor name which decorates the guitar. The layered laminate of the top and back consists of a poplar in its middle layer. This structure gives the attractiveness of the outstanding look of Sapele. Whereas making this guitar will resist from climate variations better than solid wood sides.

Two strap buttons make it easy to add a strap so you can play either sitting or in standing position. The balanced hourglass outline constrains access to the higher frets. But it makes this high with the tone. There is an alternative version, BBT-e, which comprises Taylor’s Expression System Baby (ES-B) piezo pickup. Above all this guitar lacks an actual “wow” factor. The slightly smaller size is decent for smaller musicians or using as a travel guitar. The Big Baby Taylor offers a gig bag at the price tag.

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Taylor Guitar


With a typical scale length of 25.5”, the BBT is a 15/16 size dreadnought. The body depth is 4” with X-bracing and is made with a solid Sitka spruce top. The back and sides are made of laminate sapele, which has analogous tonal potentials to mahogany. Using laminated wood styles the guitar tougher. Hence this Taylor Guitar is the best suit either for your living room or to a campground.

The BBT has a 20-fret ebony fretboard. Further with a scarf joint attaching it to the body, it features pearloid dot inlays on a sapele neck. The Nubone nut is 1 11/16” wide. The headstock has a cover with lexan that proudly articulates the Taylor name. And it supports six die-cast chrome plated tuners. A varnish finish is a usage of both the neckline and body of the BBT. The ebony bridge has a Nubone saddle. On the top of the BBT, more features are a plastic solid black laser etched rosette and a tortoise pickguard.

Taylor Guitar


The Big Baby Taylor has a positive and rich sound with an abundant snap. The sound of this Taylor Guitar is complete and uniform, about which you may be surprised looking at its size. Without having a cut away, helps to achieve the complete sound of this smaller size gadget. The tuning hooks do not change and embrace the tuning well. The smaller sized body gives it neck dive problems though. Given the compact size, the sound is still complete, and it projects well.


The slender shaped neckline is prodigious for those with small hands. The accomplishment is low so that new players need not fight to fret their chords. In spite of no cutaway, you can comfortably get to 14th fret by the way the neck is attached to the body. There are two screws at 16th fret which take away from the appearance of the classical guitar, but will not cause any problems during playing.


  • The smaller size is great for traveling or smaller sized players.
  • Includes a gig bag adding to its portability.
  • Built to resist the rigors of travel and weather.
  • Full sound with plenty of snap and projection.


  • The Big Baby won’t wow you with its looks.
  • Neck dive issues.

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