Washburn WD10S Review 2018 – Buyers’ Guide

Washburn WD10S Review 2018 – Buyers’ Guide

Washburn Guitar: The Washburn WD10S is an acoustic guitar which keeps it modest. It loses flashy style for functional advancements to the material that make the sound. If a beautiful guitar which cannot deliver a convincing voice is useless. The Washburn Guitar WD10S understands it very well and address such issues.

Washburn Guitar – WD10S Review

Washburn Guitar


It is significant to point out that both the saddle and nut are bone make and not plastic. Several guitars at this price tag use the low-graded plastic. This Washburn Guitar will become brittle and break over time. Bone is a sturdier material that will last for longer times. The build is solid so the guitar certainly can take a fair amount of exploitation.

As the top is solid, it is also key to make a improved sound instead of laminate. As it ages, the sound of spruce gets better. This is another advantage for a solid top. New players who are left-handed need not feel ignored, as there is a left-handed model called the WD10SLH. The guitar is a preparation with D’addario strings, the EXP-16 light set phosphor bronze. Even when something goes wrong, there is a lifetime warranty. Case is not a default at the price tag of this guitar.

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Washburn Guitar


The Washburn Guitar WD10S has a dreadnought shape acoustic from their Heritage 10 Series. Instrument has a 25.5” scale length. The top is solid sitka spruce picked from Alaska with quarter sawn scalloped sitka spruce bracing. A key feature of the Heritage 10 Series is it’s back and sides are laminate mahogany. The body has a shine finish to show off the usual wood grain. The mahogany neckline is with satin finish with a 2-way truss rod.

It has a top with a rosewood fingerboard with 20 frets and dot inlays. The fretboard radius is a very flat with 16”. The bone nut is 43mm wide. Neckline and headstock binding are in white. The headstock has a cap with rosewood, and comes with the Washburn logo. The guitar has a style with W along with six chrome die-cast tuners. With bone saddle, the WD10S has a rosewood bridge. The finest design feature is the rosette, which is a conventional wood inlay. Instrument has no pickguard.

Washburn Guitar


Dreadnoughts have a very specific sound; however, it takes excellence and skill to bring that sound through a guitar. Washburn does not disappoint you as it has brought in this aspect as well. The tone is warm with adequate lows and mids to offer you a full, wide sound. Trebles are crispy and bring a decent amount of definition. Compared to more luxurious models of this kind, Washburn Guitar WD10S offers across as a great bang for the buck guitar.


In it’s price range, when compared to most guitars, it is absolutely in the top 10% in terms of performance. That is more than required levels for an intermediate guitar player.

The treble response is robust with a deep sound. The lows are a bit mushy and lack precision. Reason for this loss is the mahogany back and sides. It seems this guitar misses the emphasis and presence which generally rosewood fetches to an acoustic instrument. The mahogany brings the warmth that give the WD10S its exceptional voice. The satin impression of the neckline is very pleasant making it very fast. The action is low making it simpler to fret chords, and play through scales. The tuners are very even keeping the guitar steadily in tune.

  • Custom wood inlay rosette is very beautiful.
  • Bone nut and saddle.
  • Very playable neck with satin finish.
  • Case is not included in the price of the guitar.


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