Washburn WP11SNS Review | Parlor Series Acoustic Guitars by Washburn

Washburn WP11SNS is a part of the acclaimed parlor series. It comes with a vintage design and construction. For starters, a non-cutaway body with standard room measurements used over a hundred years ago. Sides and Backs made of mahogany, while the top made of spruces. The scalloped bracing made of Sitka spruce. The top corner and adorned with white binding and a triple circle abalone rosette. Washburn WP11SNS Acoustic Guitar details are here to check.

Washburn WP11SNS Acoustic Guitar

The Bridge is the standard rosewood bridge with the plastic saddle and pins, featured on countless Washburn models across the catalog. The mahogany neck equipped with a comfortable contour and the 12th fret dovetail joint. An 18-fret fingerboard made up of rosewood. Gold-plated tuners wrap the major specs list. It is a throwback not only to style but it is also the actual design. Washburn dusted off some old plans to bring this guitar to life. It can enjoy the modern player without having to go to an antique shop.

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Washburn WP11SNS Acoustic Guitar Reviews and Design

The Washburn WP11SNS based on designs Washburn used over the 100 years ago. It is the parlor steel string and the acoustic guitar, which was the style in guitars way back. It has a solid cedar top supported by quarter sawed scalloped Sitka spruce bracing. The back and sides laminated with the mahogany. White binding with the borders the top and back of the body white purfling on the top and the heel cap matches the binding and features the Washburn.

Washburn WP11SNS Acoustic Guitar

The C-shaped mahogany neck has a rosewood fingerboard. There are 20 frets and pearl dot inlays. There is a 2-way truss rod to adjust the neck during those times that the humidity takes a toll. It has the natural satin finish on the neck. The neck joins to the body in typical parlor style at the 12th fret. The nut is bone and has a width of 44mm, i.e., 1.73”. The bridge standards a Washburn design and made with the rosewood. The Guitar topped with a compensated bone saddle. The rosette has made of the abalone, and the length is the 628mm i.e,24.75”.

Features of Washburn WP11SNS Acoustic Guitar

  • The solid cedar top has an incredible advantage over the spruce top in that sounds good right away.
  • It can take years of playing to break in really and smells nice.
  • Having only a single strap button on the lower bout.
  • The dimensions of the guitar are having the upper bout of 248mm and the lower bout 343mm and the depth of 95mm.
  • It has the gold open gear tuners on a vintage style slotted headstock.
  • The truss rod of the guitar is accessible through the soundhole.
  • It only comes with a natural satin finish and does not come with a case, but the Washburn suggest their GC141 case.

Performance of Washburn WP11SNS Acoustic Guitar

The finish of the guitar is good and does not feel heavy to lift. The satin on the guitar neck makes for a smooth and playing experience. It had the full neck and more suited for the fingerstyle players. I find the rosette to bit gaudy. The abalone is excellent, and it is just those extra couple of rings. The look is very old fashioned and bit of a turn-off. The sound and the guitar music is very much a parlor with the old-timey music, and the cedar of the body gives a bit of warmth and an older sound. The dynamics of the guitar is excellent, and the little guitar can get the loud for size. It sounds better and the fingerpicked of the guitar because using a pick brings out the tinniness to the sound.

Washburn WP11SNS Acoustic Guitar


  • Very loud for its size.
  • The Smooth neck designed for the fingerstyle player.
  • And also Based on Washburn designs from 100 years ago.


  • Ancient fashioned look.
  • No case included the guitar.


The fingerstyle player will rejoice the playability and tone of the WP11SNS. The classic parlor style guitar in every fiber of its being.

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