Yamaha FG730S Review 2018 | Acoustic Guitar

Yamaha FG730S Review 2018 – Acoustic Guitar

Yamaha’s Guitars: Yamaha FG730S is categorized as an entry-level instrument, however it is with a low-price tag. It has a very decent sound swathed in a good-looking guitar. Yamaha Acoustic Guitar FG series deserve to be in the acoustic hall of fame. This series of guitars has been for several decades, during which it has built pretty good reputation. FG730S takes the role of the more refined models in the series. However not cheap, but it is still one of the more leading guitars with a high recommendation to beginners.

Yamaha Acoustic Guitar – FG730S Review

Yamaha Acoustic Guitar


Handcrafted non-scalloped X style bracing helps the Yamaha Acoustic Guitar FG730S’s rich and brash voice. Despite the humidity, to keep the neckline straight it is strengthened with a truss rod. As Chrome plated die-cast tuners are solid, they keep the tuning very firm. There is only one strap button on the lower bout. You have to tie your strap to the headstock if want to walk around when you are playing this guitar.

Colour choices comprise of tobacco brown sunburst, natural, and vintage cherry sunburst. The burst color choices for the body actually make the binding visually a nice look. Wood to breath and resonate, the hand sprayed finish is very thin with .25mm thickness. You have to purchase the case separately.

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Yamaha Acoustic Guitar


The Yamaha Acoustic Guitar FG730S, with laminate rosewood back and sides, has a solid sitka spruce top. The rosewood bridge is broader than an average acoustic guitar. Hence Yamaha helps to transfer the vibration of the string to the spruce top. To keep from disrupting the guitar player, the bridge lines are smooth.

The nato neckline is a rosewood make fingerboard with 20 frets. A dovetail neckline joint with Yamaha’s “L” block design, ascribes the neck to the body without any metallic parts. These features work together to make a very even neck that transfers the string trembling to the body very well. The FG730S has a typical scale of around 26”.

The artistic features of the guitar are and binding around the neck, an abalone rosette, a tortoise pickguard, black/white binding around the body, and headstock. Finish is natural on the body and neckline. The headstock is decorated with mother of pearl that displays the Yamaha logo and name.

Yamaha Acoustic Guitar


That blend of sitka spruce top as well as rosewood back and sides actually offers the Yamaha Acoustic Guitar FG730S a punch. There’s a richness of volume to work with, and the trebles are just flying out at you. Yamaha’s option of top wood is precisely consents the FG730S to start some stability with warmth and a decent low-end response. Whereas the quality you get from this guitar certainly is not at expectations, it is a preference with the greats when it comes to excellence. As a matter of fact, Yamaha FG730S is more than accomplished of challenging with a good number of acoustic guitars in one price range.


The sound is best defined as jangly. It has very decent treble presence without losing the bass. A voice that offers itself to country music, but performers from other genres will discover something to love about the sound. It sounds decent whether you play with a pick or finger pick. The neck feels heavy and solid with a very pleasant light finish. A beginner player will not fight this neck to acquire their chord shapes and grasping their scales.

  • Neck feels nice and fast with the thin finish.
  • Three different color choices.
  • Nice jangly voice with good presence.
  • Case is sold separately


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