Yamaha CG182C Review 2018 | CG Perfectly Defined

Yamaha CG182C Review 2018 | CG Perfectly Defined

Yamaha’s Guitars: With nylon strings Yamaha’s CG182C is a conventional guitar, for which the “CG” in its name stands for. Keeping student in mind Yamaha Best Acoustic guitar is designed, and certainly it is not for the stage performer. The practice room is this guitar’s natural environment.

Yamaha Best Acoustic Guitar – CG182C – Review

Yamaha Best Acoustic


The rosette is a mosaic design which is very good-looking, but misses its thump when realized from a distance. The bridge is with a plastic saddle made of rosewood. The string length is 25.6” with a nut width of 2.05”. The body depth is 3.7” to 3.94”. The neckline has 18 frets. The back of the Yamaha Best Acoustic guitar has a center inlay. Gold hardware along with mother of pearl peg tuners make up the headstock. Further the headstock of the gadget also has usage of Gold in the Yamaha logo. You have to buy the case separately.

The conventional guitar’s top features are solid American cedar, a wood that produces the subtle tone commonly suggested for fingerstyle and light flatpicking. The rosewood back, and sides, and nato neck deliver the power behind this instrument’s tone. This brings out the profound sound of nylon strings. The ebony fretboard and rosewood bridge complement crisp sustain and precision to your chords.

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Yamaha Best Acoustic


The neckline has a slender design with nato make, a common wood used in place of mahogany due to their analogous tonal potentials. With a matte finish, the back of the neck is done which makes you very comfortable to play. The austere fingerboard is a make of ebony. The neckline of this Yamaha Best Acoustic ascribes to the body at the 12th fret with a dovetail joint.

Normal sized classical guitar body with stable low to high tones with a smash in the mids to bounce the guitar a bit more presence. The back and sides are made from rosewood to offer the appearance of glossy finish with a solid American cedar top. The CG182S is a sister model, which sports a European spruce top.

Yamaha Best Acoustic


With know-how and procedures of its dominant craftsmen, Yamaha developed the Concert series. This is to bring the greatest tone and presentation from a classical guitar. With slightly slender back and sides and Yamaha’s trademark thin finish, the Yamaha Best Acoustic classical guitar carries better sound response. To improve playability the Yamaha CG182C guitar neckline has slight reduce. Further, it is a make with slightly lighter in weight. The consequence is a stunning classical guitar that brings a tone with excellent value and is a manufacture from the ground-up for robustness and performance.


The slender design of the back and sides coupled with Yamaha’s slender sleek finish permit the guitar to respond very fine to fingerpicking. The Yamaha Best Acoustic CG182C’s full-size classical body offers loads of audacious tone stable from lows to highs. It is with a trivial prominence on the mid-range for additional thump. The Yamaha guitar has sufficient projection to fill a small room with the easy, warm sound of a conventional nylon-string guitar.

The guitar does not distinguish itself from the rivalry. This is a decent acoustic guitar for getting a beginner in progress, but it is not the gadget for a ultimate destination that goes beyond the practice room.

  • Beautiful mother of pearl tuners with gold hardware.
  • Very comfortable thin neck design.
  • Good and balanced tonal response from bass to treble.
  • Unremarkable tone and design elements.
  • Case not included in the price.


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