Yamaha FGX700SC Review 2018 – Buyers’ Guide

Yamaha FGX700SC Review 2018 – Buyers’ Guide

Yamaha Guitars: The Yamaha FGX700SC is an acoustic, electric guitar that will open up the potentials of plugging in to a inexpensive acoustic player. This Yamaha Guitar is assembled with a decent sound, and very good electronics.

Yamaha Guitar – FGX700SC Review

Yamaha Guitar


Yamaha’s “L” neckline block design consents nearer transfer of reverberation from the neck to the body. Yamaha Guitar FGX700SC uses a large bridge design, which further also helps with the transfer of the strings’ vibration. The smooth edges of the bridge retain it from accomplishing in the mode of playing. At about 0.25mm thick the finish is very slim. This lets the wood to sniff and ring naturally. The headstock contains mother of pearl inlay of the Yamaha name and logo. The die-cast chrome tuners has a great stability.

The preamp has a Adjustable Midrange Frequency Control, 3-band EQ, and built-in tuner. The A.M.F. styles the midrange to support the sweet spot. Automatically, The tuner will turn-off after one minute. On the top shoulder of the guitar, battery box is situated for easy access. The endpin also acts as the output for the pickup/preamp. Instrument is available in sand burst, natural, and brown sunburst. The sand burst colour suits well with the nato sides making an enjoyable aesthetic. The case is not default with the price tag. Hence you have to purchase if separately.

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Yamaha Guitar


With a cutaway, Yamaha Guitar FGX700SC is a dreadnought size electric acoustic guitar. Solid sitka spruce is the usafe for the top and nato for the sides and back. This is otherwise known as eastern mahogany. A natural high shine finish offers the guitar a nice glossy look that shows off the wood. The body consists of design on both the front and back with black binding. This matches the heel joint cover. Non-scalloped X bracing supports in the smooth transfer of the string vibration to the soundboard.

Nato is the usage for the low-profile C-shape neck, and has a even satin finish. The fingerboard is rosewood which has 20 frets with 1-11/16” nut width, and dot inlays. The instrument’s scale length is 25-9/16”. Dovetail neckline joint ascribes the neckline to the body, and got strength with Yamaha’s “L” block. The bridge is of rosewood and the pickguard has a tortoise design. Yamaha’s own System55T 1-Way piezo/preamp is for onboard electronics.

Yamaha Guitar


As it is dreadnought, Yamaha Guitar FGX700SC contains a lot of sound. However the way the sound is an anticipation which is more fascinating. The tone is well-adapt, with adequate presence in all sections of the frequency range. Trebles are rich and crispy, mids are good, and the lows are rich as well. The preamp extracts the natural tone of the guitar with high levels of legitimacy. Yamaha FGX700SC has a strikingly precise tone color, and the electronics are capable of intensifying.


The neckline is solid with a light finish making for a very pleasant playing surface. In terms of Sound, the highs are a bit stiff when unplugged, however the electronics can overcome this deficiency. The strings ring through with balance at complete bright sound. The lower register has a bit of an un-kept sense because of nato. Mahogany has an improved ability to handle the lower notes.

There is a sufficient skill to outline your sound through the preamp. You may like most of the feature of tuner automatically turning off. This will save more than a few batteries in the life of the instrument. This guitar issues with neck dive.

  • Good electronics that allow for tone shaping.
  • Cutaway is good for reaching the higher frets.
  • Three different color choices.
  • The guitar suffers from neck dive.
  • Case is sold separately.

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