Yamaha NTX700 Review (2018) – Yamaha NTX700

Yamaha NTX700 Review: Are you looking for the Yamaha NTX700 Review??? Here is the complete guide to purchase the Yamaha NTX700 guitar. Yamaha NTX700 has a set of decent electronics, and the people have a borderline unicorn. And Yamaha NTX700 guitar is perfect for its build quality and people can purchase it with the decent price. The provided Yamaha NTX700 Review is very helpful for the beginners of the acoustic guitars. Yamaha NTX700 is not a classical guitar, but it feels like one. People who love to play the classical guitars, they can enjoy this Yamaha NTX700 Guitar.  Before purchasing the product, people must know the review of it. Go through the below sections for Yamaha NTX700 Review.

Yamaha NTX700 Review

Yamaha NTX700 Review (2018)

Yamaha stands in line with the successful APK steel string instruments, and it comes with the smaller set of the cosmetics which has a distinctive oval soundhole. And the Yamaha NTX guitars are designed with the electric or and the acoustic players feel excellently with the thinner body. And it has 14th fret neck to body joint and also has slimmer nut width. It has two-way pickup system, and it comes with the good looking package. People can go through the below sections for the design, features of the Yamaha NTX700.

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Yamaha NTX700 Guitars – Design

Yamaha NTX700 Guitars has designed with the acoustic or electric nylon string. And Yamaha NTX700 Guitars has the contemporary style which has based on the traditional classic style with the cutaway. The body of the Yamaha NTX700 Guitars is very thin at 80 to 90mm. And it is very comfortable to the users who have designed with the nylon acoustic. The top and back side of the Yamaha NTX700 body comes with the matching heel cap. And the neck of the Yamaha NTX700 comes with the rosewood fingerboard. No inlays are present on the fingerboard, and it is very reminiscent of the classical. Side dots are also present in this guitar which helps the users to navigate the neck. The width of the nuts is 48mm, and it is smaller than the typical classical. Three piece necks join the body at 14th fret.

Yamaha NTX700 Review

The soundhole of the Yamaha NTX700  is elliptical, and it allows the neck to sport 22 frets. And the rosette is inlaid abalone to make it pop. The bridge of the Yamaha NTX700 has made with the rosewood, and it has a typical tie style of the classical guitar. And the length of the scale is 650mm.

Interesting Features of Yamaha NTX700 

  • The slotted headstock comes with the rosewood veneer. It comes with the classical style tuning machines.
  • It comes with the amber colored buttons, and it has two strap buttons.
  • Top of the guitar has treated with the Yamaha’s Acoustic Resonance Enhancement.
  • It uses the temperature, atmosphere pressure, humidity for creating the sounds like that of a  vintage guitar.
  • Yamaha NTX700 comes with the different colors like Sandburst, Natural, Black.
  • It also provides the battery indicator light which allows you to know how much life your battery has.

Performance of Yamaha NTX700

Yamaha NTX700 looks very contemporary, and it is very classical. The Yamaha NTX700 neck is the almost standard classical neck, and it also has the thinner depth. People who do not want to use the classic guitars. Then it is a not correct choice. Yamaha NTX700 is very comfortable to play, and it has the excellent finishes. And Yamaha NTX700 does not have the snap of the standard classical which is chalked up to the body depth. It has a thinner body which comes with the standard sized acoustic guitar.

Yamaha NTX700 Review


  • It is very comfortable to play.
  • And it has three different finishes.
  • It comes with the great electronics with the plenty of tone shaping control.


  • It is a classical sized guitar, and it may be uncomfortable to the electric players.


Yamaha NTX700 is an excellent guitar, and it might not go far enough way from the classical which is used to pull in the steel string and electrical players.

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