3 Best Condenser Microphones For Gaming 2018

Best Condenser Microphones: Many of the gamers are in search of the best condenser microphones for the gaming purpose. You may find difficulty in getting good condenser microphone for you. Then, you no need to worry anymore, as we provide you the Best Condenser Microphones which are at reasonable prices. So, the gamers should be ready to get your gaming microphone as early as possible. Here, in this article, we give you the list of top 3 best condenser microphones that presently available now.Best Condenser Microphones

Most of the gamers use the microphones for live streaming, gaming commentaries, and play through videos. Some people have turned gaming channels into lucrative careers. So, it is important that you find the best condenser microphones for gaming and your needs. You must be extra careful while choosing the best condenser microphones because they may break or beautify your voice. Along with details of the microphones, we have also given you the pros and cons of each device. You can get the detailed information about them.

Top 3 Best Condenser Microphones For Gaming

Product Brand Color Title
Audio-Technica ATR2500-USB Cardioid Condenser USB Microphone Audio-Technica Silver Audio-Technica ATR2500-USB Cardioid Condenser USB Microphone
BEHRINGER B-1 Behringer Silver BEHRINGER B-1
Blue Microphones Snowball iCE Microphone à condensateur Cardioïde Blanc Blue White Blue Snowball iCE Condenser Microphone, Cardioid - White

#1. Blue Snowball iCE

The Snowball iCE by Blue is one of the best condenser microphones that aims to provide best sound quality. It is of reasonable price with good features without offering any unnecessary extra charges. This microphone provides stellar audio quality at a competitive budget, and it can usually be less than $40. It is a super fast and easy way to record decent sounding vocals when you are using for gaming.  It also provides the good sounding vocals when you are singing, doing a video voiceover, or podcasting. As it is among the best-condensed microphones list, it is desk unit which secured on the included tripod. The height of this device is 10 inches tall, right at the mouth height.

Along with box, you will receive a shielded USB-to-Mini USB plug and a tripod that threads into the base of the mic. It has a clean design, great sound, and iconic blue build quality, and the Snowball iCE is an excellent product for beginners or even some intermediate gamers, steamers or podcasters.

The microphone may look like a toy at first glance, but the Blue Microphones Snowball is one of the best condenser microphones designed for recording. It has a frequency range of about 40hz to 18KHz which makes it viable for podcasting and vocal recording. Moreover, it has -10dB pad which allows it to handle the louder sources like musical instruments. And also it expanding the use of the mic into music recording territory. The microphone also features two pickup patterns for further flexibility. This mic is bundled with PreSonus Studio One Artist Software, which enables for out of the box recording and production. Overall, it is a smart choice for the beginners looking to record vocals and gaming purpose.

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Best Condenser Microphones


  • The microphone has an excellent sound quality for the price.
  • It doesn’t need any driver, you plug it and start using.
  • The cables are long enough which can suit anywhere.
  • Moreover, it has an excellent build quality.


  • The tripod gives a flimsy feel and falls over easily.
  • It has a power indicator LED which cannot be turned off.
  • The microphone is fragile and not versatile.
  • Moreover, loses its audio pattern options.

#2. Audio-Technica ATR-2500

The Audio-Technica ATR-2500 is a great condenser microphone for gaming, podcasting, and simple home recording. It has heart-shaped (cardioid) pickup patterns seeks to cut down on background noise like clicking a mouse. There will be no latency monitoring with the headphone jack and headphone volume buttons on the front of the mic. This mic is an excellent large diaphragm condenser among all the best condenser microphones that are available. It gets things done without any complication, and more importantly, it does so at a reasonable price. Moreover, the frequency response is of 30Hz to 15kHz.  It also has an analog to digital converter which handles 16bit quality samples rates of 44.1kHz or 48kHz. These all are fed to your computer through a USB.

The ATR-2500 by Audio Technica is a USB condenser microphone which offers great sound at an affordable price. This microphone features a plastic tripod with shock mount support. It also uses a unidirectional capsule that tends to pick up background noise but offers excellent sound clarity.

The microphone is comprised completely of plastic, but its compact, rigid design compensates for this material choice. Comparably, the ATR-2500 provides a full sound at the cost of price, as that microphone will usually sit around $30 more expensive than the Snowball iCE at any given time.The front I/O of this mic consists of a line-in audio jack for monitoring, as well as volume control buttons and a power indicator LED. Unfortunately, the LED is exceptionally bright, and you cannot be turned off or dimmed. The volume control buttons also feel cheaply made and fragile. It has a included cable which is 6-foot mini-USB to USB cable. So, it ranks as one of the best condenser microphones for gaming.Best Condenser Microphones


  • This microphone has an excellent sound quality.
  • It has a shock mount support.
  • It aslo has a headphone jack on the mic for live, and there will be no latency in monitoring.
  • Moreover, it also has a tripod, small desk footprint, inline audio control.


  • The volume control buttons are cheap.
  • The tripod stand tends to fall over easily.
  • It has excellent bright power indicator LED.
  • The USB to mini-USB cable is too short for most setups.

#3. Behringer B-1 Studio Condenser

This  Behringer B-1 Studio Condenser comes with a shock reducing suspension mount, and an aluminum storage/ travel case. It requires 48V phantom voltage means you need a suitable pre-amplifier or something similar which is of less cost. The pre-amp usually boosts the signal level to what of line level inputs expect. Otherwise, you may need to use an accessory box that only provides the phantom voltage. Typically this is more microphone than one needs for a ham station microphone and is overkill. You can do just fine with a less expensive, dynamic microphone that does not require phantom voltage.

This type of microphone is compassionate among the best condenser microphones. You may need to turn the transceiver mic inp[ut volume little bit down. On the other hand, crowding the device much may overload or swamp it. So, you should be at a distance of about 5-6 inches far from it.

The microphone can provide super long and distinct audio input over the human speech frequency spectrum. The  Behringer B-1 Studio Condenser is doing quite well regarding popularity and ratings. This large diaphragm microphone has a 1′ gold sputtered dual diaphragm designed for improved transparency and fidelity. Many of the users are saying that it is the sonic quality of this microphone is comparable to others. Moreover, this large diaphragm design works in conjunction with the cardioid pattern for added clarity and low end. However, this microphone is one of the best condenser microphones that are presently available.Best Condenser Microphones


  • This best condenser microphone has a cardioid pickup pattern for outstanding sound source separation and feedback rejection.
  • It has a pressure gradient transducer with shock mounted gold sputtered large diaphragm capsule.
  • There is switchable low-frequency roll off and an attenuation of 10dB input.
  • And also there is an ultra low noise transformerless FET input which eliminates low-frequency distortion.
  • Moreover, it is an ultra-rugged construction with a nickel plated brass body.
  • Also, it has a gold plated 3-pin XLR output connector for perfect signal transmission.


  • The microphone tends to flimsy.
  • We need to some adjustment when switching mics as they are becoming harsher.

Therefore, be getting updated about the best condenser microphones for gaming purpose through this website.

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