3 Best Condenser Microphones Under $500

Condenser Microphones under 500 Dollars: Every musician with a home studio always “How do I get a big studio sound on a small budget?” With some recording know-how, good practices, and careful selection of your tools. You can still get some great sounds in your home studio without selling your car. While many microphones are an application, precise odds are your home studio and budget will most likely revolve around one workhorse microphone that can more or less try to do it all. Here we are providing the best bang for your buck mic choices in the Condenser Microphones under 500 Dollars.

Condenser Microphones under 500 Dollars

This is probably my favorite simple and cheap diaphragm condenser. The thing sounds just as good as it looks. From a company known for application specific mics lots of mojos. The Bluebird is flexible and looks good on about anything you put in front of it. Condenser Microphones under 500 Dollars has a full sound, but with excellent high-frequency transient detail. Something most microphone in this range struggle with. A relatively hot output and incredibly low self-noise for its class. It manages to stay workable on even fairly low-end interfaces and pre-amps.

Top 3 Condenser Microphones under 500 Dollars

Product Title Brand Color
AKG Pro Audio C214 Condenser Microphone, Cardioid AKG C214 Professional Large-Diaphragm Condenser Microphone AKG Pro Audio Grey
Rode NT2A Anniversary Vocal Condenser Microphone Package Rode NT2A Anniversary Vocal Condenser Microphone Package Rode MultiColored
Audio-Technica AT2035 Large Diaphragm Studio Condenser Microphone Bundle with Shock Mount, Pop Filter, and XLR Cable Audio-Technica AT2035 Large Diaphragm Studio Condenser Microphone Bundle with Shock Mount, Pop Filter, and XLR Cable Audio-Technica Black

#1. Audio Technica AT2035

The tensioned particular receiver is advanced and has all the natural sonic characters. An amalgamation of the microphone artistic approach and the technical accuracy. One of the best vocal Condenser Microphones under 500 Dollars and offers exceptionally high SPL output, versatility, wide dynamic range of sounds and little mechanical noise. It provides consistency with the live recording applications, live studio, digital systems even under the harsh circumstances.

Condenser Microphones under 500 Dollars

The circuitry of the lowering noise is transformerless and also symmetrical leading to the clean output even when combined with the instrumental sounds. They are designed keeping the external polarization in mind. The acoustic elements, baffle enhancement, surface mount together elevates the reliability and standards of the best omnidirectional microphone.


  • Cardioid polar pattern reduces pickup of sounds from the sides and rear improving isolation of desired sound source.
  • Large diaphragm for smooth, natural sound and low noise.
  • Pop Filter to eliminate the annoying “plosives” from your recordings.
  • 10ft of the  XLR Cable to connect the mic to your mixer or interface.
  • Microfiber Cleaning Cloth.

Pros and Cons of Audio Technica AT2035


  • Accurate and precise sounding microphone with excellent features such as bass roll off and 10 DB pad. Thus, you can use it for a loud sound source like drums as well as make use of bass cut off the mic to decrease low end rumbling noise.
  • The mic comes with a lot of the pop filter and shock mount. There is also a some of the 10 feet XLR cable to plug into your Audio interface or Mixer for output and 48 Volt phantom power. Therefore, the package is worth considering as it has a lot of goodies.


  • It is not a dual like the diaphragm microphone. Therefore, it can be used in the only cardioid pattern.
  • The package does not come in a hard case. However, there is a handy bag which is provided for safe keeping the mic.

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#2. AKG Pro Audio C214

The C214 large diaphragm microphone a brilliant, cost-effective cost if you are into the AKG family. The same functionality as the popular C414 and the best Condenser Microphones under 500 Dollars is a one-inch capsule with the integrated suspension. It contains and the attenuator that can absorb till 20 dB of mechanical noises and produces the recordings of SPL 156dB. This is again the switchable filter and allows you to record without any proximity effect.

Condenser Microphones under 500 Dollars

Terminated edge of the capsule innately detailed, and therefore it brings the every nuance you make during the recording. The low cut filter available and used on the stages even for the close-up vocals and for the applications like guitar amps, high brass, and drum overheads, etc. The double mesh of the best Omni-directional microphone reduces resonance, and if you people are looking for the sonic accuracy, this one is best to buy. Having the neatly designed with the scratch resistant technology, an XLR type gold plated output and a metal grille.


Pros and Cons of AKG Pro Audio C214


  • The utility of an industry standard mic at an affordable price range, Hence, this is an excellent deal for small studio owners looking for a good mic for high profile jobs.
  • Comes with shock mount and wind sock. Thus you don’t have to buy this stuff separately.


  • There is no feature to change the polar pattern. Hence, you might not be able to use it to record ensemble type recordings without other mics.
  • Does not ship with XLR cable and pop filter. Therefore, you will have to buy these accessories separately.

#3.Rode NT2A Anniversary Edition

Rode NT2A Anniversary Edition is most famous and one of the best condenser Mic under 500 Dollars which is the reason that it listed in this article. It features having the 1-inch diaphragm microphone that comes as a large capsule with the three pickup patterns and also having the features of the Cardioid and Omni, filter switches, PAD located on the body of the mike. NT2A Anniversary Edition it comes up with an HF1 dual diaphragm which terminates and helps it to modulate the transducer so that it can work as well as with the modern techniques of recording and vocals.

Condenser Microphones under 500 Dollars

It is very flexible headphones which work amazingly with any situation. The filter switch of this edition of Mic includes three modes including the amazing features that help flat, 40 Hz and the 80 Hz. It works on the intake 48V of power and works with pressure gradient principle. You can expect really high frequency with this Mic which ranges from 20Hz to 20kHz.

Pros and Cons of Rode NT2A Anniversary Edition


  • NT2A is accurate and has a very low noise floor.
  • You can expect good crystal clear recordings with this mic.
  • It is a full featured mic. It comes with polar pattern selection which you can use to select Omni directional, bi-directional or cardioid pickup pattern according to your need. Hence, this mic is very handy for a variety of studio scenarios.
  • The mic has a bass roll off so that you can reduce low-end rumble noise. It also has a gain reduction padding switch which will enable you to record loud snare or kick drums too.
  • This package contains a pop filter, shock mount as well as XLR cable. Hence, you don’t have to buy these accessories and spend more money.


  • Does not come with a carry case. There is only a thin dust cover with the package.

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