3 Best Subwoofers Under $200 (2018)

Subwoofers: The compact subwoofer incorporates a number of advanced, high-performance bass technologies, such as Twisted Flare Port,  with discrete amp circuitry and a high-quality woofer unit. The resulting bass response is powerfully rich and impactful. Best Subwoofers feature an adjustable crossover, adjustable volume control, automatic signal sensing, high-level inputs, and both Dolby Pro Logic and Dolby Digital/DTS inputs.

Product Title Brand Color
PolkAudio PSW505 Powered Subwoofer Polk Audio PSW505 12-Inch Powered Subwoofer (Single, Black) Polk Audio black
SonySACS9 10-Inch Active Subwoofer Sony SACS9 10-Inch Active Subwoofer, Black Sony black
100W Yamaha Powered Subwoofer Yamaha 8" 100W Powered Subwoofer - Black (NS-SW050BL) Yamaha black

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Best Subwoofers Under $200 – Reviews

#3 Yamaha NS-SW050 

Certainly, Yamaha is one of the Best Subwoofers and has a lot of expert in the domain of speakers. Naturally, their lowest-end subwoofer shows a lack of most features, yet still produces Best Subwoofers.

Best Subwoofers


At first look, the Yamaha HS-SW050 appears like a wild place in terms of features. An absence of tunable crossover, auto signal sensing, and subharmonic enhancement appears like a deal killer in perspective of other subwoofers. However, Yamaha put the features it counts, in the sound. The first part of this balance is the Advanced YST II, where the speaker and amplifier function cool to stop out impedance so the speaker has impeccably linear motion.

The subsequent one is in the Twisted Flare Port on side of the cabinet that lets the sound pressure to emanate out of the port easily as contrasting to a straight blast of air, decreasing extraneous noise. These two key features make the HS-SW050 fantastic, but the feature is still lacking. While not necessary, auto signal sensing, as well as tunable crossover, are nice to appreciate at this price point. These don’t pause the subwoofer overall, but the deficiency of them is lost just a little.


Yamaha subwoofer is flat black, with a curled cloth grill that is slanting at the top and bottom. The Flare Port on the side improves a slight skill to the box. But the overall appeal is mostly modest, but never dull. The back of the subwoofer is as spotless as they come. It includes only an input, power switch, volume knob, and attached power cable.

Overall, Yamaha certainly did a fantastic job in the look of this one. The subwoofer strikes an unbelievable balance between simplicity and feel. Although the black box is in line with a standard subwoofer appearance, the curved front side preserves a look that fits all of Yamaha. Unlike more lavish models in the variety, a dearth of controls on the front panel mark this subwoofer fade into a room, however, it is able to appreciate.


Still, the evidence is in the sound and this subwoofer is not missing in that division. The Twisted Flare Port is too much and is a marketing hype This takes sub blasts with comfort, even at high volumes. The low-end sounds are much more constricted, reliable, and fresh. And that is because of this ported design.

Additionally, the Advanced YST II is appreciating, dropping the anxiety of high sound pressure levels on the woofer and creating the sound much cleaner at high volumes. Overall, the HS-SW050 sound monstrous in every sense of the word. Low-end is full, tight, and reliable in a manner that is next to difficult to compete at this price point.


  • Twisted Flare Port tightens low-end.
  • Advanced YST II allows higher listening volumes.
  • The design is pleasing in almost any room.


  • Lack of auto signal sensing.
  • No tuneable crossover.

#2 Polk Audio PSW505

Polk Audio brands a lot of diverse Best subwoofers, and their midrange offering. The PSW505 shows to be an outstanding worth at the price. With a muscular 12-inch long pitch woofer, the PSW505 is one of the best subwoofers under $200.Best Subwoofers


From a performance perspective, the PSW505 has a lot of features. The Klippet augmented extensive throw woofer was aimed at the Klippel Distortion Analyzer, which measures performance at great listening levels. What marks is a woofer that is enhanced to convey solid performance through listening volumes. In additions this woofer combines with the cabinet is Polk’s Dynamic Balance design, which airs out annoying echoes in the cabinet to deliver a purer low-end.

These two key features combine to make an understanding that is insanely entertaining at the price. The subwoofer can simply wobble the house without distorting. The reason is Polk’s cool feature incorporation. Tunable crossover and phase control means it also can be adjusted with other speakers in your set-up.


Polk Audio has succeeded as beautiful subwoofer at this point. The rock-hard, real wood veneer finish is attractively colored in black. Inside the gadget and the cabinet is built with high-density MDF with a 1-inch thick front baffle. The front features a curled cloth grille, with a great elliptical shape for the woofer. Controls on the rear are abundant, with tuneable low pass crossover, volume control, phase switch, and attached power cable.

Considering at the PSW505, it was a little twisted off at first. Red Polk Audio badge on the bottom diverts from the overall appealing is a way that was a little bothersome. Additionally, the large void on the front ruined the clean look. However, the appearance is beautiful and, over time, can to appreciate the look. However, can’t appreciate the size. This subwoofer is huge with a weight to match.


Polk has accomplished an incredibly balanced subwoofer with the PSW505. The great, 12-inch woofer touches deep into the 20Hz range, and that is obviously the first time this subwoofer is powered on. Depths are rich and full-bodied at all listening volumes, never misleading, and always sounding huge.

Polk’s slot load expressing design lets all the pressure to simply get out of the chassis. It reduces instability and bringing a much-constricted response. In fact, this really augments the experience instead of neutering it. Bass is tight, pure, and effective as a result, giving the impression that there is more low-end overall.


  • Solid construction.
  • Full and tight bass.
  • Beautiful, real wood veneer finish.


  • Very heavy at 56 pounds.
  • Red Polk badge on the front.

#1 SonySACS9

Sony makes just about everything, and their addition to sub-$200 monitors is no exception. The SACS9 is a full-featured subwoofer that pumps out the thunderous bass. Sony shows why their name is so prominent in, well, every field.Best Subwoofers


Sony SACS9 is full of features compared to other speakers in this price range. The subwoofer embraces a tunable crossover, ranging from 50 Hz – 200 Hz to make up the low-end if needed. An automatic power saving mode that sets the subwoofer into standby when it doesn’t identify audio, as well a phase switch to validate the subwoofer is firing in phase with your other speakers.

Overall, no complaints about the feature set for the price. A tunable crossover delivers a nice variety that actually helps reign in low-end, and a phase switch means that you can actually get the most from the subwoofer. While some extra tweaking choices are always nice to see, the absence of them was not lost. That’s mainly due to the fact that the subwoofer sounds very nice on its own, so negligible tweaking was necessary.


The design here is a little bleak. Upon first look, the subwoofer looks like just a black box, with a detachable front grille that has an oblique edge on the top. Eliminating the grille discloses a navy blue speaker cone much in tune with the rest of Sony’s speakers. Backside, there are inputs and outputs, RCA input, phase and power saving switches, a rear port, and volume and low-pass frequency.

The appearance of the subwoofer with the grille detached is a dominator. The design is a little tedious, and adding an additionally dull grille to the front makes the SACS9 looks low-quality which is a disgrace. However, taking off the grille reveals the gorgeous navy speaker and makes this Best subwoofer look as good as it sounds. It should be well-known that there are Sony logos on both the grille and the inside of the cabinet.


The star of the appearance actually is in the performance. The SACS9 sounds unbelievable, producing roaring low-end with each hit in the subs. The 10-inch foamed-mica cellular strengthened woofer is tight, energetic, and responsive, repeating low-end with comfort all the way down to the rated 28 Hz.

Sony noticeably Best Subwoofers shows their skill in the field of audio with this subwoofer. Listening to music was as entertaining as ever, and watching movies in a home theater set-up reproducing explosions, gunfire, and more with ease. Overall, this subwoofer thumps like few others, providing a tight and responsive low-end that does not become horrible in perspective of other speakers.


  • Solidly tuned 10-inch woofer.
  • Tunable crossover.
  • Beautiful blue cone.


  • Ugly front grille.

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