7 Best Portable Bluetooth Speaker under $100 for Great Sound

Best Portable Bluetooth Speaker under $100 for Great Sound – Music plays the role of creating a peaceful and serene atmosphere in most of the times. It sets the mood in an environment. It can be a serene music or a jazz, it makes the mood swing along with it. Today, there are many gadgets and output devices that are used to make the environment musical and some of them are the speakers.

It was primitively seen that speakers are often wired devices that are fixed at specific places and cannot be carried to other locations. The speakers used to be of huge sizes and hence, carrying them from one location to another was a hectic task. Fortunately, there are better things in the world now.Best Portable Bluetooth Speaker

The era of speakers has evolved with the coming up of the phenomenon of wireless speakers. These are the speakers that do not possess any wires but serve the purpose. They are generally of smaller sizes and are made handy. They are portable enough to be transferred from one place to another and hence this makes them easy and convenient to use.

Wireless speakers also are in a way of different types. There are wireless speakers that work with the use of Bluetooth from any of the supporting devices. These devices obtain audio signals by making use of Radio waves.

Wireless Portable Bluetooth Speakers take the support of Bluetooth and spread the audio data to the speaker of the receiver end. These speakers are today made and modified to many different kinds and shapes. The sizes and the power of the Bluetooth speakers are dependent on many factors. There are many types of these speakers, and one can choose the desired one from them.

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7 Best Portable Bluetooth Speaker under $100 for Great Sound

Composition of a Portable Bluetooth Speaker under $100

  • A Bluetooth speaker consists of a couple of main units in it.
  • The main speaker unit that sums up with the loudspeaker along with a Radio Frequency receiver.
  • The transmitting unit that gets connected to the audio output of the gadgets that are connected to the speaker.

Best Portable Bluetooth Speaker under $100

The wireless Bluetooth speaker can be connected to television sets, personal computer systems, mp3 players, mobile devices and iPods. The connector is usually an RCA plug and when plugged into the speaker, plays the music when needed. The speaker can be placed wherever the user would want it to be. The signals that are transmitted in the process are similar to the ones that are used in the wireless phones. The frequency of the signals used in the process is almost 900 MHz These signals are capable of transferring via that walls, roofs, and floorings. The makers of the Bluetooth speakers assure them of being capable of transmitting more than a range of 300 feet of distance.

There are many favorable wireless Bluetooth speakers that can be owned at a cost less than $100 with an assurance of getting the amazing quality of sound. Here are a few of them.

#7: JBL Clip plus Splashproof portable Bluetooth Speaker

Coming from the house of JBL this wireless Bluetooth speaker costs a maximum of $30. JBL being one of the pioneer companies in the segment of earphones, headphones and speakers hold the advantage of having the superb quality in audio output. This speaker would help stream high-value sound outputs coming from the gadgets and similar devices. If a gadget is not supported with Bluetooth then the speaker has an additional feature of the 3.5mm audio port.

JBL Clip+ Splashproof Portable Bluetooth

Audio Rumble

The wireless Bluetooth speaker facilitates the taking of calls when connected. This would ensure a loud and clear voice and sound thus making sure of the phones being hands-free. During the time of some work, when holding the phone becomes difficult, these speakers come to the rescue and thus help in a great way.


  • The JBL splashproof speakers are resistant to water and hence the problem of water entering into and then ruining it is reduced. It can moreover be washed under running water flow too.
  • The battery in the speakers is rechargeable and thus inbuilt. Once fully charged, the speaker can last for a total of 5 hours of playing music.
  • It is available in many color options like black, blue, orange, violet and red.

Pros and Cons:

  • It is resistant to water and hence worrying about the speaker getting wet is minimized.
  • Being of such small size, it can fit in anywhere and thus is handy.
  • It can continue playing songs even when it is on charging.
  • On the contrary, it does not have the facility to change a song directly from the speaker.

#6: BRAVEN 570 Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

It is a wireless Bluetooth speaker from the house of BRAVEN that is placed in the second position in the list of the best portable speakers.

Braven 570 Portable Bluetooth Speaker


  • Makes use of Bluetooth and plays music and audio files.
  • The user can attend a call without using the hands by the help of an inbuilt microphone.
  • It assures of charging portable devices from its inbuilt power bank.
  • One can take control of the tracks and volume on it directly in the speaker.
  • It has a playtime of almost 10 hours after charging fully.
  • It is priced at $49.
  • Pros and Cons:
  • It is a complete of 1200 mAh power in it.
  • The microphone in can cancel the noise coming from disturbances coming from the phone.

#5: Anker Premium Stereo Bluetooth 4.0 Speaker

It is the wireless Bluetooth speaker that is placed at the fifth place in the list.

Anker Premium Stereo Bluetooth 4.0


  • It has real big stereo sound. One can have the fun of enjoying crispy and clear audio at times.
  • It has two ten watt drivers
  • It receives signals being created at a distance of more than 300 feet.
  • It has an 8hour playtime back up
  • Pros and cons:
  • Clear sound is one of the positive points for it.
  • Compressed size of the speaker will help to move it from one place to another.

#4: Sony SRSX2 Ultra portable NFC Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

It is listed in the fourth position in the list.

Sony Ultra Portable NFC Bluetooth


It is a speaker with 20 watts of power. It allows the user to attend the phone calls too. One touch in the gadget would answer. It is available in many color options and hence gives a chance to choose for. Its average play time is 50hours. It is the price at about $100.

#3: Jabra SOLEMATE Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

Jabra SOLEMATE Wireless Bluetooth

Audio Rumble

  • It is placed at the third position in the list. It is a very powerful speaker tat has three front-facing speakers and a bass radiator.
  • It can be transferred from one place to another, and it comes along with a bag that takes care of the safety.
  • It can then be connected with a gadget using the Bluetooth or a cable.
  • It is compatible with speaker phones, and this allows the user to make calls and attend them when in use.
    It has a playtime of 8 hours and can be put in the standby mode for 40 days.

#2: JBL Flip 3 Splashproof Speaker

JBL Flip 3 Splashproof Portable Bluetooth

  • It is priced at $96 and is placed at the second position in the list. It can be used to connect to three smartphones without wires.
  • It allows the speaker phone facility that gives clear voice too.
  • Splashproof makes it resistant to water and rain and hence it gets more points for its safety features.
  • The advantage of JBL connect helps one to make an individual family by having connected many JBL speakers together. This makes the music enjoying session better.
  • JBL bass radiator makes the music as clear that one can even listen to the bass prominently.

#1: UE MINI BOOM Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

This tops the list in the category of powerful and Best wireless Bluetooth speaker under $100. It has a huge sound but ironically is smaller in size. It gives an enormously large sound that happens to be heavy and mind blowing. Its sound provides a clear explanation of high notes of music and little notes too.

UE MINI BOOM Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

Audio Rumble

The MINI BOOM has a rechargeable lithium ion battery that works for more than 10 hours. This would make sure that the purpose playing the music is served for a longer period of time effectively.

It has a wireless Bluetooth system enabled that can catch the connection from a distance of 50ft. This distance is even more than any other wireless Bluetooth device.

  • Being of small size, it can be carried conveniently anywhere and this would make sure that the continuation of music is kept unbroken everywhere.
  • It is priced at $67 and is a worth buying and worth paying option any day.

Things to know before Buying a Portable Bluetooth Speaker

One must make sure the fact of the speaker being handy. It is always important to have a speaker that is handy. It would cause the process carrying it and transferring it easier.

The signal range must be taken care of. The increase in it can be harmful at times.

An excellent Portable Bluetooth Speakers should be able to have a connection with a Bluetooth device within a certain distance. It has to be checked and researched well.


There are many types of Portable Bluetooth Speakers, and they can be at real low cost. The above description has the list of the same within $100. Hence, will not only be easy to make an environment musical every time but also pocket-friendly.

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